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The Princess of Jotunheim

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For centuries, Frigga sent invitations to the Jotuns, as a sign of peace and friendship... However, one day, they sent a positive reply, and their most precious treasure...
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Thor and Loki were called to Surrey, England, to investigate a freak storm located over Privet Drive. When they arrive, they find a little girl with a lightning bolt scar living with abusive relatives. But as Loki looks at her, he discovers that the child has a glamour on and that underneath she is the spitting image of his brother Thor. Upon further questioning, Thor and Loki find that Evelyn Iris Potter is the daughter of Thor's former lover Lily Evans. Thor realizes that this little girl, with the power to control the weather, is in fact his daughter. What happens when Thor takes her away from her relatives to live with him and the Avengers in New York. How will the Wizarding World react to learn that Evelyn Potter isn't a Potter after all? I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER OR THOR AND THE AVENGERS! SLOW UPDATES! Started 01/21/2020


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Harry Potter wants a new start and as the newly titled Master of Death, he thinks he deserves it. Taking Teddy, he settled down in New York and opened a cafe. Life is full of twists and turns. A good many are un expected. To several new brothers and new friends who happen to be superheroes. Harry's life just took a major turn. Portuguese Translation: @San-Chann22


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The avengers and the students of hogwarts were gathered to watch the avengers' future especially Natasha Romanoff's who was best friend with the marauders. P.S: I'm not good with description. A/n: I do not own the MCU and the Harry Potter characters. Started: November 15, 2021 Status: Ongoing


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The chambers of Loki Odinson have always been off-limits to everyone, including the staff of Asgard Palace---that is until Y/N. ___ After a brief encounter with the youngest son of Odin, Y/N---a lowly cleaner of The Palace---is anonymously promoted to Loki's housemaid, where she learns of his quiet nature and artistic talent. Slowly, their relationship evolves from professional to not-quite-so, when the prince asks Y/N to pose for one of his paintings. ___ πŸ’˜ Really cute fluff πŸ”žSteamy scenes πŸ”₯ Slow burn ❄️ Loki's JΓΆtunn form πŸͺ„Magic βš”οΈAdventure (eventually) 🀎 Cottage core + classic lit writing style ___ πŸ”ž FOR THOSE JUST LOOKING FOR SMUT, skip to: Part one: πŸ”₯Chapter 31 πŸ”₯Chapter 32 Part Two: πŸ”₯Chapter 11


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Celestia Temple was just a normal human on Earth. Well maybe more like human, after all she has a High IQ and tons of knowledge for a 16 year old girl. When running from a group of bullies, Celestia finds her way inside the TARDIS and into a whole new dimension of adventure. Alongside her friend Rose Tyler, they join the Doctor on a whirlwind of adventure and chaos. But will Celestia learn a secret before she loses her Doctor forever? September 14, 2015 - March 26, 2017 July Rankings: #6 - Matrix #23 - Ninth Doctor #37 - Rose Tyler #39 - David Tennant #39 - Tenth Doctor #71 - TARDIS *I do not own the Doctor Who plot nor its characters, I only own Celestia*


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Alison O'Neill had gotten her sense of adventure from her adoptive family. Growing up around a group of people who go to new worlds and face new enemies for a living is bound to shape a child. Of course, she was also found on one of those new worlds on one of the first missions that the team had gone on, at the age of 14, is also going to shape a young girl. Before being rescued by Sam, Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c, Alison or Ali was a guinea pig for scientists who wanted to make a super soldier and was being trained to fight like one of her people's most advanced warriors. When the team found her, a scientist was drilling her for more bone marrow samples, and she was screaming in utter agony. It took a long time, but the young girl learned to trust this team, and let them become her family. Now, Ali is all grown up and ready for her own adventures, apart from her team as a grown adult. When she heard about Atlantis, she knew she needed to go. So, she walked up to the man who officially adopted her and every other member of her Hodge podge family and explained why she needed to go. With much effort, begging, and even some tears, the girl was allowed to go to Atlantis; not only as a soldier, but as an explorer and advisor on how to deal with new people, because that was who she used to be: the new person they had to deal with. After, her first year on Atlantis and the many, many battles she, and her team have fought against the Wraith, a new challenge arises: A man. Allison has dealt with many men, growing up on a military base, who practically surrounded her, but she has never met a man quite like Ronon Dex before. Complex, quiet, brooding, and yet light-hearted, and sweet, he's a mystery that she's continuing to get closer to. I do not own Stargate Atlantis or any characters affiliated with SGA or SG1, I only own Alison and any changes she makes to the plot.


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Superman in the MCU, from Captain America: The First Avenger onward. This isn't just merging DC into the MCU. The only thing related to DC are many of the powers, name, and costume of Superman. With some items as well. In this the reader, unknowingly, is an Asgardian-Beyonder Hybrid. And was left on Earth as a baby. And at 9 he joins Project Rebirth. Again NOT a Kryptonian, so do not go into this expecting for it to be identical to Superman. It's more of a title, and the reader just happens to have similar abilities to Superman. Not Comic-Compliant. So references to things shown in the comics aren't the same, as this isn't a canon licensed comic. So it doesn't really matter if it's 'lore friendly'. For the most part just the movies, most plot rarely changed. Don't read expecting something cool as I don't even know the meaning of the word lol. |||Male Reader x Wanda pairing||| ____________________________________ (If you're nitpicky about pretty much anything, just don't read it. If you do read it anyway and don't like it, don't comment if all you plan to say is complaints. Just simply stop reading as this isn't for you then. If you ignore this and comment a shit ton of just complaints then don't be surprised if it seems like you can't read the book or any other of my books anymore lol.) (Fuck PR, I'll do what I want.)


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(COMPLETED) Doctor Who X OC - Book 1 Doctor Who (1x01 - 1x13) The Doctor and his Wife, Sage, are the only two surviving Time Lords and have been travelling together since the Time War where the other Time Lords and the Daleks were destroyed. Now, they end up in 2005. What happens when they meet a new friend...?


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Akela is a 4 year old white wolf with golden eyes she has been caged her entire life and experimented on by hydra. One day she manages to escape the hell hole she's called home but during her escape she attacks one of the avengers now they are trying to hunt her down before she attacks someone else. What happens when they catch and lock her in another cage injured and hungry. CHARACTERS FO NOT BELONG TO ME EXCEPT AKELA PIETRO IS ALIVE IN THIS STORY AKELA IS NOT A SHIFTER


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Summary: Set during the last alliance Epic adventure and love story (Elrond and Original Character) against the backdrop of the Last Alliance. Action-packed and big on plot. Why is the last daughter of an impoverished House of Man journeying through hardship and sorrow to the High King of the Noldor? The answers will take you from the Outlands of Gondor, through the Battlefields of Dagorlad to the very gates of Barad-dur - and beyond.