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The Newcomer - Castle Crashers Fanfic

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After all the long fight, the evil wizard was at last defeated and the 4 princesses were safe and sound.

Now that the good news had arrived, the kingdom could once again be at peace.

But one day, a knight went out to explore and discovered something hiding right beneath the kingdoms nose.
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The King's Harem is actively under construction!! If you happen to be reading it currently and things are making less sense than usual that is why! Lady Allayna wanted to be an artist. She had big dreams to travel the world and use her travels as inspiration for her work. She had it all planned out...until her father came to her one night to inform her she was to enter the king's harem. With her dreams dashed she decided to try and enjoy her new life in the harem. The harem is filled with beautiful men that Allayna can't help but feel attraction for them. The problem is the men in the harem along with the king are not too fond of women. EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING- This story contains sexual situations and themes that might offend some readers. Please proceed with caution. Recommended for those 18 and up.


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Once there was a girl, daughter of an Alpha, who happened to face consequences of the things she had no control over. How? By being ostracized from her own kind. By being betrayed by her own family. By being rejected by her own soulmate who chooses her sister instead. And by being banished from the Kingdom. As she returns after years, she notices several changes. One of them being the demeanor of her mate.


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โ‚Šหš.เผ„ "But I promise you this, I'll always look out for you." - Coldplay, Sparks โ‚Šหš.เผ„ Started : 27.12.2022 Published : 31.12.2022 Finished : Neteyam x fem!oc


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When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think that she'll be chosen. Although beautiful and kind, she's hardly qualified to be with the emperor, whose name is stained with blood and whose reputation is blacker than sin. When she accidentally catches the eye of Emperor Meilin, however, he surprises her by naming her his bride and future empress of the empire. How will the kind and sweet Daiyu escape from the clutches of the emperor? Will he capture his little rabbit, or will she run before it's too late? 2016 Watty Winner Video by @AlyxMck


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Highest ranked: #1 in werewolf 07/14/2016 *currently undergoing editing, weekly updates* "Mate." The words left their lips effortlessly in sync. Their wolves yipped loudly in their heads. All traces of the world around them seemed to disappear at that moment. Looking at one another, though they had never met, at that moment, they'd both felt as if they'd known each other their whole lives. Love and care for those who you rule; compassion is never a weakness, as the strength of a king is only as strong as his queen. Amazing cover by @INNOCENT9146 !!!ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR THIS BOOK IS NOT TO BE COPIED AND REPOSTED ANYWHERE!!! TW: This contains mentions of abuse, rape, and torture.


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Long ago, everybody had a power and could fight. But over time, only females got great powers like speed, strength, copying, and silver eyes. Soon only females were aloud to be hunters and were able to kill Grimm. No man was ever able to change the system were men were treated unfairly until one. One boy of legend. That boys name is y/n


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Scarlett Greene hadn't spoken since she was twelve. After her Daddy was arrested for abuse when she was seventeen, she is sent to live with her Uncle Hershel. Her life gets better, but the trauma is still there. When the apocalypse begins, she takes charge to keep her family safe. What happens when a man runs across their lawn with a shot boy in his arms? Meet Rick Grimes. Unofficial leader of the group from the Quarry makes a bad call when he sent his group to the CDC, but was it really that bad? Meeting the Greene family, he is intrigued with the girl who won't speak to anyone but his kid. Follow Rick and Scarlett in surviving the walking dead. - started: dec 10, 2022 ongoing


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This book is getting rewritten as author no longer a cringy 12-year-old trying to get better at writing and basically bored. For those that question why I am rewriting something i not that into anymore, I notice it was awful to degree and lacked male reader one sooo as trans man this is something I need to tackle. And with stuff like first one-shot being tomboy I think it clear when my denial just made me think like that... . A proper description shall be placed when no longer rewriting.