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Read story The Midnight Rebellion

Author: AestateNox

Category: Science Fiction

Update: 16-07-2020

Status: Writing

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In a world ruled by fear, losing your heart to the wrong one will be your undoing.

Nyx; a Nephilim girl born in secret between humans and fighting for change.
Orion; born heir to the crown with a golden heart, yet fearing the consequences.
Atlas; a human boy rebelling against the Oppression, yet looses his heart to his enemy.

Orion and Nyx are born into a world that is a shadow of what it once was. Corruption, scheming, greedy kings and natural differences have shattered its fragile foundations. While monarchs wage war, a rebellion is brewing. Insurgents are increasing, dwelling in the darkness and gaining strength. Patiently, they await the right moment to challenge the magic their Nephilim oppressors wield.

Born onto the oppressing side, Nyx secretly favors the human rebellion.

Orion, heir to the crown, wishes to simply survive his father's cruel rule and patiently awaits his turn at a chance to improve the kingdom without bloodshed.

Atlas, son of a human butcher from a small village, is intelligent and crafty. Forgetting he once loved a Nephilim girl, he uses his skills for the rebellion in order to finally take down the Nephilim Throne of Umbria.

When Nyx and Orion's worlds collide and friendship turns into love, all seems conquerable at first. Yet when violence continues to escalate, opinions begin to clash, the past catches up to Nyx and an old sweetheart with a rebellious heart shows up on her doorstep, she must make decisions that will alter her world forever.

---- Story still in the Making ----
Trigger warning: This book contains scenes of violence. (Battles, etc.)

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