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The Mark of an Alpha

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" I believe everyone has a fate. Why are you are stopping yours?"

He sighed, his full lips enhancing with the movement. Then he spoke.

"My fate shouldn't be with you."

"But it is."

Skylar Evans has only known pain. Growing up with an abusive Uncle only seems to have faults. It's when she finally gets the chance to escape when Skylar's life will begin to change. Noah Tyler is Alpha of the Red Moon pack, filled with responsibly he has never yearned for his mate. It's only fate when Skylar and Noah meet, but will Skylar's past block her view from her destiny? Or will Noah's Alpha duties stop his impulse to protect his soul mate and see behind her mask? What will happen when Skylar bares the mark of an Alpha?

Just a heads up, this story DOES contain content of abuse. If that stuff offends you in any way you do not have to continue on.
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Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life. Despite her harsh and abusive upbringing, she worked hard, and studied harder. With an IQ of 252. she's a certified genius and is working towards her Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. When tough times hit and she's desperate for money, she steals $5 Million from an offshore bank account. Little did she know she was stealing from the most ruthless Mafia Boss in the world: Dante Vino. • MATURE THEMES 18+ • Cover designed by Holly Thurston


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Morgan is the best the Organization has to offer. She kills without remorse and wants nothing more than the population of Werewolves to be forever wiped from this earth, at her hand of course. She holds nothing but hatred for their kind. What will happen when she is assigned to work with her mate- Lucian Fang and his pack? Amongst his pack is a traitor, working with the enemy. It will be her job to find and kill them. But Lucian has secrets, she has secrets, he even has secrets about her that she doesn't even know about herself. What will happen to Morgan? Will she accept Lucian as her mate?


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"D-did you just collar me?" "Because you're being a bitch, yeah..." He was then pinned to the wall. "Now, you're my bitch." "What if I don't want to be, fucker?!" "Funny you think you can do whatever you want in my territory." He felt a hot, intoxicating breath in his ears, triggering warmth inside of him. "Now, on your knees." Vampires | Ghosts | Shapeshifter/Werewolves | ... CARVALLE SPECIAL X: A school for the mutated gene from different parts of the world. Funded by the most powerful Mafia to attempt to keep the supernaturals a secret. Kenneth, formerly human, never guessed he would be caught up in between finding "what he is" and surviving a hierarchy between species, especially when one of the Kings of that hierarchy staked a claim on him. ▶OFFENSIVE CONTENT NOT FOR A VANILLA READER, PLEASE HEED THE WARNINGS. ▶NOT A FANFICTION, Casts are just faceclaims


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Narrowly escaping an attack by wolves, Jaylin Maxwell is driven towards the alluring Quentin Bronx. Together, they unleash the beast inside Jaylin's heart. ***** Jaylin Maxwell has a strange relationship with wolves. They've saved his life before, but they're coming after him now. Attacked again, he only survives with the assistance of Quentin Bronx, a handsome man who brings his own wolf to the battle. Quentin is drawn to Jaylin, and despite their romantic tension, Quentin reveals a dangerous truth: there is a monster inside Jaylin, a monster that the wolves of the East are coming for. Under Quentin's guidance, Jaylin learns of his monstrous nature. Struggling to gain power over his body, and over his heart as he falls for the alpha protecting him, Jaylin prepares for the ultimate battle against the monsters coming for him-and the one inside himself. [[Winner of the 2018 Fiction Awards!]] [[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]


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[BEING RE-WRITTEN RN] Book one in the D'Angelo Series What happens when two worlds of arrogance meet? Bella is the dream of any man, tall, beyond gorgeous. People say beauty is dangerous, but the power Bella has in her mind is worse. She runs her business empire alone, she's number one and she'd do anything to stay there. Ace is a arrogant heir to the Italian mafia. He needs a queen to take his place as king, what happens in one elevator ride where he decides he wants Bella and only Bella. What happens in that one elevator ride that Bella wants to destroy him? In Aces mind its simple. Force her into a marriage. But everything doesn't go his way... .......... "I will fuck you against this desk for everyone to hear if you don't shut that pretty mouth of yours," he pauses and looks at me, a small smirk making its way onto his lips, his hand on my thigh moving higher by the slightest bit. "But you'd probably like that wouldn't you?" He asks with a light scoff and I roll my eyes before turning my head to face the other way. I hate when he's right. .......... Highest rankings so far Reached #1 in love Reached #1 in snarky Reached #1 in Mafia Reached #1 in business Reached #1 Don Reached #1 Romance Reached #1 Rich Reached #1 Power


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Valyn has had a rough few years. Her father went missing in war and her mother was in a horrible crash resulting in her being in a coma. She finds comfort from her friends and a hot guy named Izaiyah. He gained her trust and they began dating. One day while at the mall with her friends, she catches an intoxicating scent. She zones in on the smell until her friends rush her out and back home. That night she finds out Izaiyah is a warlock and has been putting spells on her to kill her wolf. With the help of her friends, she gets out of his hold to save her wolf and pack. But what happens when another alpha shows up and turns out to be her mate? He's sexy, possessive, protective, and wants Izaiyah's head for what he did to his mate. You think the drama ends there? Read to find out what happens next. The first installment of the Kingdoms Love: Werewolf series. This is a rough first draft of this story and will be edited when it's completed. Please bare with me until then. [Warning: contains dark and mature themes and content and profanity.] ©All rights reserved


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At the age of 31 Alpha Kane Locus Black had given up on looking for his mate, since the age of 18 it was all he wanted, now at 31 he was cold, scary and distant Alpha to his pack. Until he meets Sora. His little human mate. * Book 1 of the Alpha series *


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In a world where you can have access to Gods' powers through a small and delicate accessory; a group of teenagers possessing magical rings unexpectedly met in Tokyo and trigger their new adventure


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#1 Southeastern University Series Natosha Jackson is from the south-side slums of Ridgeport. She's your average bookworm and mathematic fanatic. To pay her dues to the dean of students, she is hand-picked to tutor one of the most notorious football players at Southeastern University, Matteo Four Wittstock. In the town of Ridgeport, the Wittstocks are well-known wealthy people from the north side. Although Natosha wants nothing to do with Four's lifestyle and womanizing tendencies, she finds herself falling into the temptations of lust. While she wrestles with this new fiery excitement in her life, Four becomes enamored deeper than he ever imagined. No one expects the rocky twists and turns that bring these two people together but Four loves a good challenge. And when a game is this good, he's more than ready to play. ***The Southeastern University Collection shows the lives of young adults as they enter, survive and finish off their university experience. The students attending this university are not only dealing with keeping up their GPAs and attending student union meetings. These students are battling ties with addiction, exploring their sexuality, and embarking on past and present family burdens. *** *** These works cannot be read as a standalone. *** WARNING: THIS STORY IS 18+ AND CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. STARTED: 7/10/2020 Completed. 2022


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Betrayed by the humans she once cared and protected, Gatria's hatred knows no bounds. With the addition of the betrayal of the man she loves, her resentment was immeasurable that only the death of her betrayers could appease her grievance. Gatria was prepared to slaughter every human who would stand in her way, but it was not a human who stood in front of her to block her way of revenge- it was the man she once loved. Descendant of Sappher, Warlord Kar Drue. He was resolute and singled-minded and his only goal was to stop the Mistress of Nature. But unlike the Gatria from before who loved the warlord dearly, the Gatria now had no love left and was filled with immensurable rage that couldn't be quenched. If she had to slaughter a certain warlord to get her revenge, she would. She will show to the whole Azitera the fury of Queen Gatria Valen Balsatra, the Mistress of Nature who had just escaped her moonrite prison. And she will start her retribution by dawning a blood bath in Kingdom of Treterra. [ BOOK 2 OF AZITERA: YTHER'S QUEEN ] CECELIB | C.C. COVER: ASTRID JAYDEE