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Author: saiketaukn0w

Category: Romance

Update: 21-10-2019

Status: Full

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Book #1 of The Mafia Leaders Girl

"Marcus?! Are you kidding me, Ace?" I was beyond frustrated now.
He folded his arms, making them flex. My eyes darted to them before returning to his which were now pinned on me.
He remained silent.
"Oh, so your just gonna stand there and not talk?"
He was giving me the silent treatment. If he was gonna act like a child, then I'll treat him like one.
I stepped forward and pinched his cheeks. "Aww. Is the little boy angwy?" I mockly pouted my lips and gave him the puppy dog eyes.
His eyes went wide in anger when I called him a little boy.
"What is it? Does the wittle baby need a hug?" I held in my laugh as his eyes narrowed. "Does the wittle boy-"
I was cut off when he gripped my waist and forcefully tugged me into his chest.
You know that time when you don't realize you're playing with fire until you get burned? Well that's what I was doing.
He leaned down until his mouth brushed my ear. "I got your little boy right here."
I felt something hard brush against my thigh.
I didn't have time to respond before his mouth crashed to mine.
Led by fear from her past, Jules thought she was still weak. Afraid. Even after two years of learning how to fight, she still felt...lost. Alone. So she let's it out in the ring. But things change when a guy she first saw at her workplace needs a fighter. And she's his choice.
He was dangerous. Everyone knew better than to mess with him. His gang and little brother were the only things he cared about. So when an old enemy returns to town, Ace must find someone who can help take them down. Little does he know, the girl he's recruiting just so happens to be the girl at the diner.
Will he heal her? Be her safe haven? Will she accept all that he has to offer?

⚠️Warning⚠️This book was written when I was a freshman in High School. Don't be

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