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The Last Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

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Assalamualaikum people may peace and mercy of allah be upon you all .

9 DhulHijjah 10 AH (9 March 632) at Mount Arafat

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) undertook his farewell pilgrimage in the year 10 A.H. His farewell pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the most significant historical events in the minds of Muslims, for it was the first and last pilgrimage made by Prophet Muhammad, as well as being the model for performing the fifth pillar of Islam, the Hajj.

Prophet Muhammad's final sermon was delivered during the Hajj of the year 632 C.E., the ninth day of Dhul Hijjah, the 12th month of the lunar year, at Arafat, the most blessed day of the year. There were countless Muslims present with the Prophet SAW during his last pilgrimage when he delivered his last Sermon.

Even today the Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad SAW is passed to every Muslim in every corner of the word through all possible means of communication. Muslims are reminded about it in mosques and in lectures. Indeed the meanings found in this sermon are indeed astounding, touching upon some of the most important rights Allah has over humanity, and humanity has over each other. Though the Prophet's soul SAW has left this world, his words are still living in our hearts.
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It's boutta get real dirty...


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This is basically a mix of lectures, poems, stories etc. I found some of these through WhatsApp, twitter and Islamic books and I thought it would be good idea to share them with everyone.