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The Journalist (A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction)

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You met Tom in an interview and did your best to resist his charms. It only worked for a little while, then the pair of you started dating. A journalist and an actor. The relationship was probably doomed before the pair of you even considered dating but you’d gone for it anyway. Who can say no to those gorgeous blue eyes? It’s when they turn on you in anger that problems occur.


It started as a short - something stemming from the very angry version of him I heard shouting in my head. This story is the result of humoring the character and exploring just WHAT was making him so angry.
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How long can you keep a secret? Running away will never be the answer. You know that you will never forget him. Forgetting someone you love is never easy, so you run away but what if he found you? Can you finally tell him your secret, those Unspoken Feelings that you were hiding for so many years?


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Samantha Levin is no stranger to the worlds of show business or celebrities, but that doesn't make it any easier to guard her heart from the charms of none other than Tom Hiddleston. A fan fiction novella. Original characters belong to the authors but we claim no ownership of the real life persons characterised within.


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When Clementine pays a visit to his father at his very particular place of work, what began as a normal, rather unventful day, rapidly progresses into what could easily be her very own rabbit hole. And she is about to fall... Whether she wants to or not. #pfcc2k16 NOTE: It has come to my attention that chapter 17 is not available for some reason. If you have problems finding it, try following me. If it still doesn't work, send me a PM! This story is being edited right now, so any mistakes will be fixed! In the meantime, I apologize. ~Readers Reviews~ "... I felt everything Clementine was feeling. I cried, I laughed, I think I threw my phone once! But this story is gold. Pure genius..." "... I love this beautiful story for so many reasons! It's a crazy, twisty plot; you are on the edge of your seat almost every chapter. You are right there along with the characters; you cry with them, laugh with them, live and die, hold your breath, relax, everything! It's real and it's amazing!" "This is one of my favorite stories on Wattpad for so many reasons, it is beautifully written, and it caught my attention since the very moment I started to read the first couple of paragraphs. It is a complete roller coaster of emotions, I've laughed and cried during this journey, a very realistic journey, the emotions, the characters have become real tome and every single chapter is full of greatness..." "... It's almost like the characters are alive, and the way they advance in the story line, the way they make decisions is very relatable and realistic... I fell in love with this book in the first chapter and my love has only strengthened over this beautiful roller coaster ride..."