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The Impossible Takes Time (Time Jump) Ep. 28

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Originally Posted Dec.18/2017
A whole year away from each other didn't change anything. And he couldn't stay away from her anymore.

Originally posted to fb fan pages December 18, this is a time jump story about YagHaz.
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Two and a half years after their paths are separated, Hazan and Yagiz come face to face again. But everything is not the same now. Note: Chapter 1 is more like a prelude. Please read chapter 2. The main story starts from there. Background: The story continues from the end of 49th episode. All the setting is same except that Sinan hasn't revealed the secret of adoption yet.


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Originally posted Dec.26-27/2017 On his search for the truth about who poisoned his father, Yagiz and Hazan find themselves on a snowy mountain and they share a moment that will change their lives forever. Originally posted between Dec.26-27 on fb fan pages.


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Originally Posted Jan 10-Feb 5/2018 Sometimes it seemed no longer a question of if... but when. Hazan didn't understand her jealousy and Yağız didn't let himself believe she could feel what he felt. But going on a short trip after they try to brush past their feelings once again forces them to realize they can only fight these feelings for so long. Parts 1-6 of this story were first posted January 10 on fb, and the set up is based on the fragman for Episode 30, Nil is back and the campaign is launching. This fanfiction ignores the adoption storyline. Dedicated to Sia, who told me how she pictured a jealous, restless Hazan. Thanks dear for letting me use that to form the basis of this story.


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Sinan reveals his true face and threatens Hazan with the biggest secret they have. She accepts to marry him in order to keep the Kerime secret safe. The day of the wedding, Kerime comes and threatens to kill Hazan to stop his son's suffering. Yağız gets in the middle and, to protect him, Hazan reveals the truth in front of everyone. Kerime tries to kill Hazan for lying to her, but Yağız gets involved and receives the gunshot. Now, as Yağız fights for his life, Hazan is ready to fight the world to be with him. Even if Yağız's reaction to the truth is not clear.


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Originally posted Dec.18/2017 Saying goodbye and almost losing him had made her realize what she thought she knew, what she thought she had felt, had been wrong. All she knows is what she feels now. And she can only believe that it has been there... Since the very beginning. This story was originally posted to fan pages December 18, before episode 28 aired. It was based on the fragman/promo they released for Ep.28 where we saw Hazan running towards the guards/jail and Yagiz pulling her back.