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Read story The Heir Of Thrombär : Into The Forest

Author: yashhhhhhh

Category: Science Fiction

Update: 14-04-2017

Status: Writing

4 likes / 348 reads

The Heir Of Thrombär

Highest Ranking #17 in Fantasy

"There is no light without dark, there is no dark without light. The very existence of each relies on the other."

For 11 years Thrombär has been in darkness. When The Darkness rises Light tries to fight it. But what happens when the Light fails? The Royal Family Of Thrombär was attacked one night 11 years ago by Assassins- who work for Him. But what happens when the Crown Prince, a seven year old boy hides and survives?

To many, he is now known as Rafe the son of a magical carpet seller. But on the same day 11 years after his families death he finds out the truth. He is Crown Prince Raphael: Heir Of Thrombär. The stake of the whole of Morthwa depends on him. When Assassins break into his house he flee's, but will he survive? Or will he perish to the prophecy that could be his luck but also his doom.

He is Rafe. He is Raphael. He is the Crown Prince. He is the Heir Of Thrombär.



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