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Read story The fight for love. (Appledash Fanfiction)

Author: supernova295

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 24-01-2019

Status: Full

798 likes / 18665 reads

IF YOU DONT SHIP APPLEDASH, THEN DONT READ. When Soarin - a handsome wonderbolt - flirts with the one and only wonderfully talented Rainbow Dash, Applejack does her best to not let her friend notice her increasing jealousy of Soarin. As Rainbow spends more time with Soarin, she begins to feel conflicted as the internal struggle over who she prefers starts. She is forced to make a tough decision between being loyal to AppleJack, her faithful friend, or being involved with Soarin to stem a relationship. Will it all end well? One thing is for sure, they both will do anything to keep her.

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