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The Fallen Angel

Author: Zanzan112

Status: Writing

Update: 30-05-2022

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When Isabelle Crew described the gorgeous man to her best friend as "out of this world", she hadn't meant it literally. But after Angelo falls into Isabelle's painfully mundane life, everything is flipped upside down. He inspires a new sense of freedom within her-the sexual kind-which becomes gloriously sinful. However, as things begin to change for the bad, Isabelle starts to wonder whether this beautiful man is a blessing or a curse.

Different creatures, same love.


#1 - religious (08/30/2020)
#17 - angels (12/14/2021)
#33 - romance (08/27/2020)
#61 - steamy (08/27/2020)

Copyright, 2020. All Rights Reserved @Zanzan112.

[Includes Mature Content]