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The Elemental Twins

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Ember and Storm Swan are the half brothers of one Bella Swan. They are the reason Charlie and Renee got divorced.

When Renee found out that Charlie cheated on her because she became distant, she was everything but happy. It got worst when Charlie decided to raise them himself after their mother died giving birth.

Because of the bad influence and jealousy, Bella hates them. She hates them even more knowing that they do not care about how Bella nor how Renee feel towards them.

What happens when the twins move back to forks after being away for 2 years discovering more about who they are and finding out who their mother was. Only to find that Bella moved in with their dad and is in a relationship with a vampire.
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Blue and Crystal Swan are the half-brothers of the one and only Bella swan. They are one of the reasons Charlie and Renee got divorced. When Renee found out Charlie cheated on her, because she became distant , she was everything but happy. It got worst when Charlie, decide to raise them himself, after there mother die of child birth. Because of the bad influence of Renee and jealousy,Bella hates them , but what really make her hate them more is how they don't care how she and her mother feel about them.


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"My eyes widened when I felt arms sneak around my waist trapping me in his hold. I felt his breath down my neck bringing me goosebumps. I had a tough time breathing feeling how close we were. "You can not hide from me" Highest Rank: #12 in werewolf #1 God #1 phoenix #1 Lycanthrope #33 Mysterious @tarietash " Good work you are one of the best creative authors!" @blueDani_ "Your story is really cool! keep writing!! :)" @valerie128 "I love this story!" @nana88b "I'm literally in love with your writing and your book. You're very talented. Update soon, please!"


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"Listen, I'm just saying. If y'all got me a pet monkey I would shut up-" - "I'm literally begging you to stop with that horrid musi-" "DIDN'T KNOW HER FIRST NAME FUCKED HER ON THE FIRST DATE-" - "Darling, what in the world are you doing?" "Renegade." - "Y'know, this castle really matches my aesthetic." "Darling, please stop saying that."


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A brother? Of Bella? But he's M.I.A. What happens when he comes back?


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After a tragedy strikes in Chicago, Aurora Saunders and her family flee to La Push, Washington-desperately wishing for a better and more peaceful life. And with the first sight of Paul Lahote, the town's most hot-headed outcast, Aurora knew her life would be anything but peaceful.... it would be better. #1 in PaulLahote 12/16/19 #1 in Twilight 1/8/20 #1 in Cullen 2/17/20 #1 in Imprint 10/18/20


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After the Lycan overtake of the government, many things changed for humans. This includes Paige White, who because of being human, is mistreated, beaten up, and forced to live in the slum area, a specific area made for the lowest race in the current world; Homo sapiens. After having turned 16, she is forced to attend the mating ball, a ball for the werewolves to meet their mate, something Paige and her parents have always prayed to not happen to her, but in vain. *** I let my fingers brush against the back of the books, feeling myself becoming giddy at all the different titles. I turned around and went over to another bookshelf, bending my knees to look closer at the books on the bottom shelves. My muscles froze in place when I heard the door opening, a line of light spreading next to me. I closed my eyes, praying that my snooping wouldn't end up being the death of me, before abruptly straightening out my knees, and then slowly turning around. Because of the light coming from behind him, all I could see was a tall broad-shouldered silhouette, a pair of eyes lighting gold. My heart stopped in my chest. "Mine."


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Warning: MATURE CONTENT|R-18| Her name is Zariah Zolen Harriet Q. Ferrisal. She's Kind,Soft hearted, Beautiful and Sexy His name is Jacob Knight A. Mckallister. He's a Snob,And a cold hearted CEO. What if they meet?A soft hearted?and A Cold hearted?What will happen?Let's Find out?What is Love? Is it true that love can make you happy but often times it hurts,But love is only special when you give it to who it's worth."


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» Hayley Duvall has always been seen as the nice girl with the popular brother. But her world is now full of shoplifting, drugs and a drug dealer as her best friend.