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The Dragon Traitor/Frida's backstory (Complete)

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Frida was a great warrior, a great friend, and a great daughter. Well, to her mother that was. Her father barely acknowledged her existence unless she was killing.

What will happen when she befriends a certain wounded dragon she finds in the woods?
What happens when she catches feelings for someone who her father will most likely kill?

This is a backstory to my Heatherxfemoc story. All the characters except Grimmel and a few others are not mine but owned by the ones at dream works. Frida is mine. (Many of the events in this story were also inspired by @JanetSara.)
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In their quest to win back London from the Templars, the Frye Twins will get help from Henry Green and his sister by everything but blood. A spark goes off between Evie and said sister, how will they move between missions? [Assassin's Creed and everything related to it are not mine, I merely bended the plot and the few ocs are mine]


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"I swear nothing happened" I tried not to moan "I warned you Allison that you are mine that no one should touch you the way I want to touch you that no one should see you the way I want to see you " she husked as she plunged two of her fingers inside of me My head hang back in pleasure as I tried to contain my moans. The pleasure I was feeling was undeniably. "On your knees" she growled I quickly dropped to my knees with my hands on my thighs waiting for further instructions. She unbuckled her belt then unzipped her pants. She pulled her pants down along with her boxers and her dick sprung out. She was huge. "Suck like the slut you are" she growled I didn't move or anything. She gripped the back of my head and pushed her dick into my mouth causing me to choke. "I said to suck don't disobey me" I could barely breathe her dick was hitting the back of my throat cutting the air off to my lungs. She pulled me back and I started to cough. You could see my saliva glistening her dick She gripped my neck then picked me up bringing my face closer to hers "I'll show you never to disobey me Allison" She roughly turned me around and shoved me down on the desk so that my back was to her. "You haven't been a good girl have you Allison?" She slapped my ass The sting cause me to yelp and jolt further on the desk. "I asked you a question so answer me Allison" she slapped my ass again harder than the first time "No I haven't" I choked out tears running down my face "No you haven't and for that I'll teach you a lesson" she hissed She gripped my waist then lined her guy up with my entrance. "Fuccckkkk" I moan as she slammed into me She roughly thrust into me giving me long deep strokes as she slapped my ass. "Fuck you feel so good princess" She grunted "But you were bad" She picked up her pace going faster and deeper. She snaked her hand around my waist and to my clit where she used her thumb to rub circles against my clit. "Please I-I'm sorry" I tried to moan


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Hi, I'm (Y/n)! This is my story; well, my version of it. This is the story of how I met my best friends, my absolute best friend (my dragon) and became an ultimate dragon trainer and warrior. Mostly this is the story of how I met this quirky, odd and amazing boy; also how I fell in love with him. Let me tell you, it's an amazing ride and I wouldn't trade my story for the world.


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Book 2 to my previous Stranger Things x Reader What a year... after the Shadow Monster is defeated, you and the party finally get to relax forever... or so it seems. As 4th of July rolls around, join the Stranger Things crew on another adventurous mystery that involves exploding rats, insane men, fireworks... and let's not forget death. This summer just might not end up the way it should've... ***CURRENTLY ON HOLD!!!!*** Quite a bit of language, what's in the series I guess. VERY slow updates. You know the drill- I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS OR THE PLOT IN THIS READ!!


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Being controlled was not even in dictionary for Sara.... But everything changed in one night... She became a submissive to all the sexual and non sexual desires of her master all she could say and 'yes master' and follow his commands because it sounded like the best thing to do...


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"Claire is that you." "No it is a giant walking, talking tree." Disclaimer I do not own any of the characters except Claire. I also do not own the plot. [under construction] UNDER EDITING #1 in She-raprincessofpower 7/8/21 #2 in Bow 12/23/22 #2 in Catra 5/30/22 #2 in She-Ra 8/30/22


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My chest exploded with excitement, his words making me clench my thighs together. Mattheo shoved his knee between my legs making me gasp, his touch finally returned to my body. "Don't do that." I squeezed my thighs around his thigh, making him groan. "Fuck Aurora." Mattheo rasped. I rolled my hips against him, a strangled moan escaping my lips. "You're pretty fucking pathetic." Mattheo spat releasing my neck, his hand moved down my chest, filling my stomach with anticipation. "You're really that needy?" Mattheo asked. His fingers brushed over my clit making me squeeze my eyes shut, holding back a moan. CONTAINS DRUGS/ SEXUAL CONTENT/VIOLENCE/TOXIC RELATIONSHIP Highest rankings #1 in Blaise zabini #4 in Mattheo Riddle #1 in Riddle #2 in kink #1 in book #9 in knifeplay #1 in hookup #2 in wizard #2 in wizarding world #1 in Ron Weasley


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A collection of short stories detailing the hypnotizing of several girl into a man's control.


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(Complete) "Hi, there." "You say that all the time." "Are you annoyed by it?" "Not at all." A modern Httyd Au, in which the gang go to university, party on the weekends, are concerned for their grades and all that comes with being an adult. But what happens when a girl from another country begins at their school? How will Heather deal with her lesbian panic every time she is around? Is this girl even a good person? And who is her father, and what does he do? Inspired by my Heatherxfemoc, 'the lost riders'. Modern au as I stated before, and both my girls are still madly in love, they just don't know it yet. *None of these characters are mine exept my oc and a few others, the rest belong to DreamWorks. The art (for the cover) I found on tumbler: pavlek 4000. Amazing art, check them out.*