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The Debut // Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction

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Tom Hiddleston is travelling to New York for his debut on Broadway in Betrayal when he sees her for the first time. Sat alone in the airport looking sad. As he begins his New York adventure she appears in his life again after thinking he would never see her again and as she slowly begins to open up about her past they grow closer. Can this mystery girl continue to stay in the shadows as Tom's career goes from strength to strength in the big Apple?

*Please note that this will be loosely based around Tom's actual time in New York over the coming months and I will try to update to real time as best as I can. So this will include public appearances and details about Betrayal in the story but Tom's private life is just that private and all details included about his private life (or any of his co-stars) in here will be purely fictional for this story*

So come join me in this adventure as I write as even I don't completely know how this story is going to progress yet as who can actually predict the future?
May be you like?


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A Tom Hiddleston fanfic. Contains smut, sns I didn't believe it when they told me. But it's real. I'm here. "So, did you enjoy the dance?" Tom winks. I laugh feeling my cheeks starting to burn. "I did actually." Tom is getting closer, pulling me in once more. His hand is resting on my lower back. There is no music here, but we don't need it. Slowly we dance until I have my back pressed to the wall of the elevator. "I did too." Tom whispers. We are so close, and his eyes are fixated on my lips. Like on a cue, we both go in for a kiss at the same time. It's a soft and delicate kiss until I wrap my arm around his neck. He speeds it up, tickling my lips with his tongue. I can taste the sweet hint of alcohol. He is pressing his body to mine now, and I just want him to keep kissing me like this. Y/n is a New York girl who's lucky enough to have landed a role in a new series. Whom other than Tom Hiddleston is the leading role in the series? They quickly grow fond of each other and one thing leads to another. They keep things low profile though, but rumors are quick to spread about them anyways. And with that comes the hate. For both. Tom is put in a bad light as well, which creates new problems. Y/n is only half of Hiddleston's age, and he is being accused of all sorts of things. How does this affect the feelings the two are growing for each other? How will they deal with this, and does their "relationship" ever find it's way out in the open? Warnings: • Age gap (19 years) • Mentioning of assault • Smut • Explicit language


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"Tell me the story of how you met."


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Everyone knows these days would come. That our beloved celebrities were to be death threatened not only through via social media, but in real life as well. Tom Hiddleston has fallen victim of these threats. At first everyone only thought of it as a joke, until he's been sent packages of pictures of him that were taken of him from a far in a creepy way, or threatening letters as well as sending him gruesome objects. Tom Hiddleston's agent has become worried so he begins to investigate to get Tom Hiddleston a full time, personal body guard. Since the other men he has hired haven't done a good job apparently. Colin Knight was called to duty. She has been trained to be a cop and bodyguard by her old man, the chief of police. But when Tom's manager reaches out to the police, officer Knight had a brilliant idea. Since Colin has been a full trained police officer, she was easily certified to be a bodyguard. She just did not know for who she was going to work for until the paper work and files came in. Colin accepted the job, not only to make her old man proud, but to bring Justice to Tom. And to remove the world of another danger. As soon as Colin begins to work with Tom, they build a strong, tight connection. They become inseparable , even though that is Colin's job. Although, the threats don't stop, they have actually worsened. Colin fears she will not be able to protect Tom as well as she should. But there is no doubt that Tom IS guarded. and she will do anything in her power and being for him to be safe. It is him before her.


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Oneshots and Imagines featuring you and everyone's favorite Trickster! Or your best friend, T. Hiddy? Requests are open! (All stories will be Female Reader.) I own no one, and nothing but the plots. Amazing cover by @Shadowfax224!


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we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry. [ matt murdock x male!oc ] [ pre-daredevil season 1 - t.b.d. ] 𝘊𝘖𝘔𝘐𝘕𝘎 𝘚𝘖𝘖𝘕 ! [SLOW UPDATES] (Currently on hold due to personal reasons)


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𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐅𝐔𝐋. in which two lawyer vigilantes fall back in love after five years apart and a failed engagement. matt murdock x fem! oc. started: December, 30, 2021. finished: January, 8, 2022.


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After losing her sister in a car accident, 25 year old Jessica Blackwell is broken, lost, and guarded. One man may the the only person to change all that. After meeting the actor Tom Hiddleston, Jessica has second thoughts about life and love. Tom may have some second thoughts of his own as well. Jessica and Tom have to learn to face the toughest obstacles, and get through them hand in hand. • This is Tom Hiddleston fanfic! My first time writing so please, take it easy on me. The story line sounds a little unoriginal but as you read, hopefully your perspective will change. • Warning you in advance, it isn't ALL about Tom and Jessica, there are other very important characters, that you will get to know. It also may make you shed a few tears. Sorry in advance!!! x. Ashley p.s Follow me on Instagram! @goddessofmischiefxx