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The Dead Witch. Lumity Fanfiction AU

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Amity the human stumbles across the Boiling Isles when she attempts to retrieve a book she loves so much. After much consideration [3 minutes] she decides to explore the new world. Expecting to meet someone and become their friend, but she didn't expect to stumble across a witch in a tree.

Let alone a ghost! 👻 *Limited series*

Thanks to Twoeyeye on Instagram for making this for me, go check out more of her work! Thanks!

Started; November 4th 2020.

Ended: September 8th 2021.
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Carolynn Scott is the younger twin sister of Nathan Scott and half sister of Lucas Scott. Carolynn is happy she has a great boyfriend and amazing friends, not counting her absent parents everything is going great for her. What will happen when her seemingly perfect life gets rocked when Lucas joins the basketball team.


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On the boiling isles, every young witch's favorite day is the day they turn 16. Because on that day, magic allows them to meet their soulmate. And on Luz Noceda's 16th birthday, her soulmate is not someone she'd expect. [Collaborative story] (Cover Credit: BSugar216 on Twitter)


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NIGHT LIGHT | Definition: A light to help you see in the dark. Babies can either be a blessing or a curse: but for Eda, Luz was both. Luz was left by the trashcan of a house when she was a mere few weeks old. Hadn't it been for Owlbert, Eda's magical palisman, Luz would have died before she got to live. Luz was dragged through a portal that took her to a different realm, one far different than hers. With the help of rebellious witch, Eda, and ferocious demon, King, Luz might be able to grow up and have a sense of a normal family. That is, if the evilness that lies awake in this realm doesn't catch the wild witch and the human that they hate oh so much. Journey through the best adventure of them all: childhood, as Luz, Eda, and King navigate life and firsts, while upholding their bond through the ups and downs, together.


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Lucifer, I thought. If you're actually real... If you can actually hear me... I just have one request...


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As a child, Theia was found nearly dead outside an enclave, covered in mysterious wounds and with no memory of who she is. She's not quite human, and she's not quite a shifter. Raised a mutt foundling, she fell in love with the noble wolf-shifter Tynne... except the gods gave him to another. Rejected and heart broken, Theia flees to the distant city of Haven. She catches the eye of a dangerously sexy group of ancient, bored shifters that decide she'll make a most exotic pet...


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Maxed out on parts in first one, welcome, to the 1.5 book, of Weirdos Stick Together. Glad to have you back readers, but let's get right in to the description. EPISODES 1-80 WRITTEN BEFORE SEASON 2B Luz Clawthorne, a witchling, banished from her world to learn. But now, things started going downhill. Amity Blight, the human, has secrets. They started building up, they're only going to get worse, much worse. Odalia and Alador Blight, parents of Edric, Emira, and Amity Blight, are hiding something big. What they're up to, will ruin the balance, but this isn't my secret to share. Now do go on, it's a very..Bumpy..Ride.. Continued: January 1st, 8:09, 2022 Ended:


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In this Au Amphibia takes a swap with The Owl House making everyones role scramble but you will all find out when reading. Now let's give this story a description...Marcy wanted to get away from her father moving away but didn't know how until she stumbled between a portal key but it looked like a regular key until Marcy touched the eye and suddenly found a strange/demonic world. Now that Marcy has this key and this unknown realm she needs to pick between two but little does she know her choice affects the life she lives right now and the future. (BTW in this AU marcy and the other "people" are 15 but we're not sexualizing just a part of the AU)


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•Only Season 1 •Continuation of the book The Devil, you might want to read that before jumping into this one. •This is the second book of it. •This is FANFICTION Blood dripped from the tips of my hand. New scars covered the old on my whole body, sighing, I felt around the oldest one. The one near my neck that extended to my cheek. I don't know how long it's been since I've taken a whiff of fresh air in this... Dense and... Heavy air in Hell Grounds. created by: D, (former[G])


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(Amity blight x fem reader) You are (y/n) Clawthorne Eda's daughter SLOW UPDATES NO SMUTT!!!! Extra details in first chapter This story does contain swearing ⚠️tws ⚠️ Blood, gore, abusive relationships, sexual assault ✨Best ranks✨ #1 in Amityblight #1 in Amity #1 in Amityxreader #1 in Luznoceda #1 in Eda and Edatheowllady


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Meet Y/n Noceda your basic everyday 16 year old boy.......except the fact that he has 2 horns on his head and a long black tail...... yeah his life is anything but normal but what him and his adoptive sister luz don't know is that they are about to embark on the adventure of a life time and maybe even fine Y/n's true origin #1 in noceda as of 1/11/2022 #1 in boiling as of 1/11/2022 #1 in dragonborne as of 1/11/2022 #1 in witches as of 1/11/2022