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The DC Super Hero Girls Movie (2022)

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In Metropolis, all female superheroes have extraordinary superpowers. Even though they are the "greatest" heroines in the world, their services are not as great as those of other heroes. This ends up offending Batgirl, who is the only one of the group with no kind of superpower, in addition to being the most clumsy of the group. And that makes the heroines of Metropolis a laughing stock, offending not only the team, but especially Batgirl. But things only get worse when in a school fire, she ended up losing her father, James Gordon.

Although Batgirl has fallen into a state of depression (as it was not only because her father died, because their last conversation ended up in an argument), her mood can change when they need to stop a supervillain who plans to destroy the world. Then, the group will have to perform the greatest act of heroism of their lives: stop this villain from fulfilling his goals.

So Barbara Gordon, two of her best friends, a duo of malfunctioning robots, an eccentric pelican and Andrea, a rich girl who used to bully her as a child who was accidentally run over and lost her memory, travel across the country on an epic and fun adventure. to prevent this supposed villain from fulfilling his plans. And along the way, they will face several obstacles and enemies and Batgirl will become fond of her friends, making the redhead discover who she really is.

Although the mission seems stable, they don't know that their biggest problems are just beginning, when this supposed villain takes the name "Archenemy" literally when he recruits several beings to interfere in the heroines' lives and later, when they accidentally end up getting into trouble with monsters.

Meanwhile, things in Metropolis are taking a turn for the worse, when Supergirl revolts and teams up with a Gotham City villain who will turn "the city of Tomorrow" into hell, with the help of the Super Villain Girls, who aren't being recognized as "Villains".
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