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The Chapstick Girl

Author: HoneyJewelz

Status: Full

Update: 14-09-2022

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"Who is she?" Damien asks, pointing at the girl who's smile instantly stood out to him. He hasn't seen her before, but even from afar, her smile was contagious.

Maybe it was the way her lips curved upward, or how her eyes brightened in the dullness of the boxing arena.

His friend follows the direction of his eyes to the girl sitting across the room, "Coach's daughter?" He asks.

Damien nods his head, "That my friend, is the Chapstick girl."


Amber is just your average girl trying to survive through her junior year of highschool.

Well, let's elaborate on that average part, there is just a small little detail that was left out.

That she is known as the Chapstick girl.

Why? No one hates her, in fact, everyone adores her kind, happy nature. Always willing to put others before herself.

Or maybe it was because no matter where she goes, she always has HER chapstick.

It defined her.

A lot of people bypass the reason why she always has it, but maybe it has a deeper meaning than what other people see.

Well, except one person.



Book three in the T.B.B.B (The Bad Boy Boxer) Series.

Cover by @_broken_chords