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The Boy Who Lived

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A Drarry Story and a 'soulmate' story. Set in an AU in which Minerva rescues Harry from the Dursley's after barely eight weeks there and she raises him as her own son. This is only made possible because of their ancestry and, therefore, what the past and the future means for Harry. Despite his happy childhood with Minerva, once Harry starts his schooling at Hogwarts, he seems trapped in world of trouble and constant turmoil and it seems unlikely that he'll ever find peace as year after year he faces one trauma or another until it finally escalates into a war at which he is centre. Even when the war is over, life is unsettled and messy, and never simple, especially when he 'bumps' into Draco Malfoy again. And particularly as Harry's coping with wandless magic that seems to be verging on dangerous, it is, after all, a form of accidental magic. Or is it?
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READ THIS!!! [completed] *currently re writing and fixing mistakes that my 11 year old self made* This is a cuteness over load of a baby Draco story just read it to find out lol. If you are looking for the cutest story you have ever read then I think you have found it. Some chapters are shorter So it's not over 30 chapter of hell. This is a Draco and harry (drarry) fan fiction so if drarry is your thing then read this! (Boyxboy) This is a story about Draco and harry going back to Hogwarts for there 8th year and then one day in potions class something not necessarily bad but not good either happens and harry has to take care of a baby. What if harry is keeping secrets from everyone? Who sticks by Harry's side through it all and who leaves him behind? Who lies to harry and who helps him out through the tough times? Ron?, Hermione?, neville?, draco?, Luna? Read to find out. Started September 10! ⚠️slight swearing⚠️ *all Harry Potter characters belong to j.k Rowling and others are mine* Kinda mega cringe.... I was 11/12 don't judge I'm also just going through it and fixing spelling mistakes and such sorry for all the updates


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War is over...Hogwarts is rebuild and every 8th year should return to finish their education...Harry and Draco As well ...Its final year and Draco needs to tell Harry he loves him.But he cant because they are enemies so he chooses delivering letters. Harry has to finish 8th year and return to his house so he can take care of his godson Teddy and finish his training as an Auror. Draco left his house ofter the trials and lives with Blaise Zabini.He soon wants to move out but he has to finish his school first. How will this go?Letters...Owls...Love...Friendships... What will dominate? I really tried to do my best in this book and i didn't changed the Rowlings 7 books...i just ripped the epilogue and the cursed child pages and prevented the other parts.Nothing is exaggerated or superstitiously tragic.This is built as a romance and happy book. Enjoy.I will post one part every day! or more.Date of starting:31 May 2020.


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When Draco comes up with an idea to mess with Harry during the Triwizard Tournament, will he be the one who will get burned in the end? Drarry #wattpride #drarry If you're a first time reader, I highly recommend reading the new version! It's posted on my profile!


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Harry will do anything for the ones he loves. When Draco finally shows the good that Harry knew was hidden underneath, he makes it his new life purpose to be sure his former enemy doesn't fall back into his old ways, even if it means major discomfort for both men. With Draco sentenced to house arrest with community service, his mother paying her debt in another county, and his father in Azkaban, here's the start of tentative post-war friendship and maybe more between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. (I do not own any of these characters, all rights go to JKR and Warner Bros. Credit goes to the artist who drew the cover @/alek.dar on Instagram, I found the photo on google, it is NOT my property. No copyright infringement intended. This is for entertainment purposes only.) Cover art made by @/[email protected] Cover made by @Dragonfirehyun ! Best Ranks: #1 postwar 3/10/21 # 1 Drarry 6/20/21 Accomplishments: 100K reads: 11/13/21 200K reads: 1/16/23


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The great Harry Potter received a letter from Gringotts saying that he just received his creature inheritance. It's just that he thought he didn't have any creature bloodline from his parents. Harry felt something wrong with his bloodlines and he wanted to reveal the truth. *Highest Ranking* #1 - topdraco 11/12/22 #3 - sixthyear 05/12/22 #3 - Drarryfanfic 08/29/21 #2 - Drarryfanfic 08/31/21 #2 - goodtomriddle 10/01/21 #1 - creaturedraco 10/01/21


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An 8th year Drarry fic where Harry barely speaks anymore, but Draco doesn't need words to understand him. After spending the summer together and beginning their relationship, it's time for Harry and Draco to transition back to Hogwarts. Both men know continuing their relationship isn't going to be easy, but nothing good ever is. Can they keep their relationship hidden from not only their friends, but the wizarding world as a whole until they're ready to come out? Can they, along with their friends, end house prejudices for good, and finally unite Hogwarts? Sequel to my story Ghosts, but my goal is that this can be read as a stand alone book. You'll just miss Harry and Draco becoming friends, as well as the start of their relationship. The cover art was done by @/sashaelfel on instagram. I don't own the rights to Harry Potter or any aspects of the movies/stories, however I do own the rights to all ideas that I have come up with. My work is my own, please do not post it anywhere else. Started: August 9th, 2021 Completed: August 7th, 2022 100K - July 30th, 2022


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Harry had lived an awful life so far first his abusive relatives then this huge man comes in and tells him he is actually a wizard and he will be attending a school where he will be taught how to use magic. The one thing he didn't expect was to be told he was famous in this world for something that he knew he had no control over. He had expected this school he was going to be attending to be safe and sound but soon found out it was anything but. For three years now he has fought old voldyshorts and won all the while being sent to the hospital wing and met his godfather. However the one thing that only the sorting hat knows is that the boy is extremely observant and has wisdom way beyond his years and something about his friends and headmaster does not sit well with him. He often wondered why was it that he felt more comfortable around his enemies than his friends. What most people do not know is that young harry is actually destined to be a slytherin, those that do know of this are very few most trusted friends that have also shared the same misfortunes of having to hide their true colours to keep up appearances. But will this New Year change anything for young harry and his close friends? Read to find out..... ⚠️ GRAMMATICAL ERRORS ⚠️ PUNCTUATION ERRORS ⚠️ OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE Highest ranking in fanfiction- #306


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The ministry still denies about the return of Voldemort after their fifth year and instead pushes a marriage law which states that every witch and wizard should get married before they start their sixth year at Hogwarts and if failed then the ministry will choose your partner. Dumbledore wants Snape to marry Rhea(Female Harry) and he agrees without any fight. Rhea wants to know why he wants to marry her. Remus just wants his cub to be happy. The cover is not mine. I got it from Google.