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The Borrower

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hi my name is Katherine. I'm 17 years of age and my unrelated identical twin is 16, her name is Hally. I called her my unrelated identical twin because we are of different families and yet we are very much a like. oh and another thing about us is that we are both very...small, in other words we are the last borrower's alive

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If you love me, you don't love me in a way I understand. JASON GRACE HEROES OF OLYMPUS


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Paano kapag May isang Transferre sa School nyo Na hindi nyo Inaakalang Mapadpad pala sa Section nyo At ang mas malala pa don ay Isa syang babae Makakayanan nya kayang Tagalan ang Section nyo na Puno ng Basagulero At mga pasaway Sya nga ang kailangan mag tiis? O kayo dahil sa Ugaling Meron ito Ano nga bang Mangyayari sa Section nyo Pag nag karoon na ng babae ang Section nyo Ang Nag Iisang Babae ng Section A-1 Ang Babaeng Maangas ang Datingan Babaeng Medyo Bastos Babaeng Siraulo Babaeng Mahilig Mamikon Babaeng Palipat Lipat ng Pinapasukang Paaralan Dahil sa Katigasan ng Ulo Babaeng Walang Ginawa Kundi ang Makipag Basag Ulo At Ang Nag Iisang Babae na Magpapabago ng Section A-1 Her name is Ambher Myles Jayahcinth Diel Luna She's the badass and THE ONE AND ONLY PRINCESS OF SECTION A-1 Sa Section lang nga ba ninyo ito Prinsesa o may iba pa?


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((I drew and own this cover!) Carrie stands at 3 inches tall. She's always been that way and has always been on her own. Since she was five, she's had to fend for herself and learn to survive. Winter had always been the worst time of the year, and since it was rapidly approaching, she knew she needed to find shelter. And the rain doesn't help either. But when she falls, injuring herself, an unlikely being comes to her rescue.


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When Cassandra got the news about her getting her dream job she couldn't help but smile, but what we'll happen when she finds out that her boss is a human hater? Well she survive at her new job or well her new boss make life difficult for her?


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Betty is an average girl who got good grades and all of the teachers loved her. But what well happen when Betty finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time?


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G/T short stories! I'm open to suggestions.


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A woman working to pay for her studies, gets bullied on the workfloor. One day it all goes to far and she leaves, not knowing she is being followed by a madman .


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Helena is a cold-hearted person and a bitch might I add but not to her younger brothers. Her and her brothers live in a decent house after they ran away from their abusive parents. It's been 9 months since the incident that caused them to run away and they've been living happily since. Well soon everything goes downhill when she's told her parents selfishly committed suicide and finds out about her 4 older brothers she never knew about. The news shocked all of them and her incredibly rude brothers takes them in. As time passes, she finds out they are keeping secrets from her and one thing Helena hates is secrets. Read on to find out...


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Have you searched countlessly for the right book? And when you think you've found one it's either incomplete? Cliffhanger? Not good enough? Well I'm here to solve that problem. I honestly got tired of looking for books so I decided to make my own, honestly took me long enough. So here I am. This is a book about spanking and other things, I hope you enjoy it! Wattpad previously deleted this book so if it got out of your library I'm back.


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Layla a small soft little falls for her dominant teacher..<3 (unedited)