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Read story The Assistant ( Timeskip Kenma x OC )

Author: bandaid-box

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 29-07-2022

Status: Full

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Ishida Yua was just fired from her boring, sexist job. Getting distracted she almost gets run over by a car. That is when she unexpectedly meets her old friend Kuroo Tetsuro. Will she find happiness at her new job? Will her boss be as nice as Kuroo said? Read To find out!

I update whenever honestly so my schedule is out the door now-1/2/2021
There will be some cursing in this book because thats how I usually express myself.
I do not own any Haikyu characters only my OC and others that I create. This is my first story so tell me of any mistakes or constructive criticism. I would love to make the book better for the readers.

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