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The Ashikabi of DXD

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Women with big breast? Check. Women with special abilities? Check. Women fighting like Pokémon? Check, check and check. Yeah Sekirei is just Pokémon but with big breasted girls. Gotta winged them all. Anyway One of my readers suggested I make Sekirei fanfiction set in the DXD universe.
May be you like?


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You were once in a peerage of Rias Gremory, a role of the pawn piece. But he was betrayed by Rias and her followers replacing him for perverted loser Issei Hyoudou who wields (poorly) Boosted Gear, the Welsh Dragon Ddraig. But unknowingly for them, they didn't know that he is the Grandson of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, until a certain event impacts not just him, but the entire faction. When he left, he unexpected arrives to an unknown town called Magnolia. What can he expect from that world in store for him? Witness the tale of Y/n's adventures as the Third Generation of Sparda! DISCLAIMER: All of the artworks, characters, titles, etc, goes to the rightful owners. The anime series, characters, etc, goes to the rightful owners. This fanfiction story for entertainment purposes. Don't take this story too seriously, this is my first time writing this book.


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The title says it all..Enjoy..


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It's all begin on Escalier, The world history began to move from the Shadow, in the corner that none eyes can see nor care to see. If the light is a weakness than the darkness is the strength, if being known can bring more problem than inside the Shadow he will live. To protect his King, to become the strongest Bishop and yet he didn't want everyone to know who he is, behind the shadow he will hide and through the Shadow he will cut down every enemies of his King. The world will know him as nothing but the darkness will fear him. Nothing here is mine except OC.


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Before Asia came to Japan he met A boy her age they met when she had nowhere to go offered her a place to stay until the day she goes to Kuoh in Japan, She Vividly Remembers the boy but for what reason does her memory of him seem so Foggy? Will she find out or will she Move on from the memory. (Join me as we witness their paths cross once again and Their Story Unfold!) A/N: Forgive me because this is the first time I've ever done this and I've altered some of the characters. ~My First DxD Fanfic since this is a ecchi series we will have a harem!! ( I don't own or claim to Own the High school DxD Series its owned by Ichiei Ishibumi, The Images used are owned by their respective owners which I am grateful for, i only own the OC and the Fanfic.)


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A normal teenager Y/n L/n was walking back to his house from a visit to the convenience store and while walking, he saw little kid crossing the street and a truck driving on the road. He intinctively moved and pushed the little bot away, but at the cost of his life. But he was able to open his eyes once more, but this time, in a new body in a anime, he stopped watching a long time and it was in the body of the person he hated in Season 2. Now, we take a look at Y/n L/n in the body of Riser Phenex and see how this changes the story. (Note: I don't own any character and pictures in this fanfiction. The anime is owned by it's respected companies and the pictures used are owned by their respected artists!!!)


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yes I'm mixing stuff together with anime buddhism Hinduism and along with Christianity