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Read story The Archangel

Author: FairySalvatore

Category: Paranormal

Update: 11-03-2016

Status: Full

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He is the guardian everyone desires.
He is too powerful, for both angels and demons.
He is reckless and dangerous.
He is sexy and he knows it!

Alexander, or better known as Highness or next King of Heaven (and Xander for his mother) is a drop-dead gorgeous, all powerful archangel. He is player of hearts even after being an angel. This is a little inside to his life before he finds that even he can fall... in love, hard and crazy!

Note: This is a short story of few parts I wrote for all you Xander lovers out there! This will give you insight of life how he lived before meeting his fated love, Freya!
Prequel to Wings of Desire.

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