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That Beautiful Girl (Sousei no onmyouji) Unomiya Tenma x OC

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The strongest heavenly commander, Unomiya Tenma has a weakness. What.. I mean who is this weakness ? Tsuchimikado Aria was his childhood friend who left the island after her mother's death and has arrived to check upon her 'Perverted underpants' father and her 'little brat' brother. With the male twin star, the new Amawaka girl and the inhabitants of the island, she strives conflicted with her new feelings towards Tenma and her matchmaking tactics for her friends.. her life is a chaos everyday.
May be you like?


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Just a lil bit of fanfic fun for you guys to consume. Though the boys/girls may have their own partners in the show/manga, here they can be all yours. ;)


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just as the title says


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Tenma Unomiya. He is arrogant, rude and does anything he ever wants to. But he surely upholds to his title as the strongest among the twelve heavenly commanders. But, one does not simply see what lies beyond his brash personality. There is more than meets the eye and it all began when he met her. DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE SOUSEI NO ONMYOUJI FRANCHISE. ALL RIGHTS ARE GIVEN TO MR. YOSHIAKI SUKENO, THE CREATOR OF SOUSEI NO ONMYOUJI. SHOW SUPPORT BY BUYING THE MANGA :D


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Y/n and tenma go to an adventure to close up all the dragon portal around the world along the way ofcourse they protect eachother with their lives ;3