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Tera Hua - Preeran

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Because he is her's, forever!❤️

Continuing from After Preeta said to Karan that she wants to be a mother. ⚡
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He married her for inheriting his father's properties She loves him genuinely He doesn't love her he shows 100% hatred towards her while she only shows her true love Will he accept her? ❝They say if boys get jealous it's kinda cute. And when girls get jealous world war III is about to start but when Karan Luthra gets jealous, never know when the world war ends.❞--The Karan Luthra. Plagiarism is not allowed. Also Vote if you like it. 🙂 Peep in to know more.....


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Vo smajhi hi nahi kabhi meri lafzoon ki gehrai ko 🤧 Mene har vo lafz keh diya jiska matlab mohabbat tha ❤


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❝Har Ghari Saans aati hai, Zindagi kehlati hai, Tum se hee❞ ❤️~ What happens when Karan Luthra falls for his brother's ― Aditya Luthra's Fiancée and To be wife, Preeta Arora ― & Finds out that the latter have the same feelings for him. Will he betray Aditya for his love? To Know, Peep in. ❤️


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Marriage is a beautiful and sacred bond but what if this bond is not by will but by compulsion, by force. This is the story of a middle class girl Preeta Arora who is a dance teacher and the biggest business tycoon of the city, Karan Luthra, Where Karan kidnaps Preeta and forces her to marry him keeping her at gunpoint. So why did he marry her at gunpoint? And will she ever be able to accept this marriage?


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preeta loved karan but karan didn't love her back so she considers her love as "Adha ishq" what will happen if they cross there paths again Do read to know more... On going (started on 22 November) #1 on bff love #1 on kareli #4 on kundali bhagya out of 870 #2 on kalma 14th feb #2 on kalyani #2 on malhar #1 on malharrane #1 on sehreem ~Ammushiii967


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She glared at him with a fire in her eyes.He looked at her and smirked with a winning smile. "Kya ladki hai yaar"he whispered and laughed. "You will pay for it"she looked at him and said with a anger which was clearly visible on her face. ~ "I won't let you do that"he said firmly staring at her. She moved towards him mischievously.he stiffened with her closeness and looked at her taking a deep breath. "Watch me!"whispering in his ears,she immediately moved back and went closing the door behind with a bang. He closed his eyes irritatedly and punched his hand on the table angrily. ..... So meet, Preeta Arora a woman with an arrogant, pride, attitude, and a cold hearted.most important the person who hates men. And a word called 'love' was too far from her.She never believed that. Our hero, Karan Luthra a man with lovely heart,kind nature and simple yet dashing boy who can win girls heart with his dimple smile. And he was the person who wants his dreamgirl to be a beautiful soul, generous and understanding one. What do you think after knowing a little bit of their nature? Do they look like falling for eachother? Preeta who doesn't believe in love and Karan who believes in the true love. Are they destined? Will he be able to resist her arrogant and cold attitude? Will she believe and find her soulmate in him? Let's start a rom-com,hate, jealousy and 'love'? Story of Karan and Preeta.


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Dedicated to Halla Bol ❤️ Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra decided to do BiggBoss in 2020 and the rest is history. Here's me trying to get the naughty ideas out of me.