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Teen Girls Guide

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This well help teen girls to learn how to act dress etc.
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This is the sequel to My Unexpected Plus+. After four months Chris comes back from recording for Lightyear. It's going well until Jordan notices he's acting a bit weird. Jordan starts getting worried about that this means for them and starts freaking out. But what happens when she finds something that will change them forever.


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A journey. That is exactly what this book is. A journey back to life. A journey of self-love. A journey overcoming my demons and designing my own life, making it something I have always desired to be. Love, support, and motivation are the main motives of this book. I will try my best to make it as fun and as positive as possible. Hope you come along on this beautiful journey with me. This is not a fictional book. In this book, I will be talking about A LOT of stuff about life. This previous year has changed my view on life and my mindset to a huge extent and I want to share it with the world. I love writing and therefore, this book is my diary to express my views and for people to understand and talk to me. I will be posting a chapter every Saturday and Sunday, starting from today. I will talk about my week and in the process address a lot of things that are on my mind. I just want to talk to people and learn my opinion and views on life. And of course, tell people about my story and how I overcame the hardest time of my life. •••• DISCLAIMER: This book talks about depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. I will be using words like 'calories', 'tears', 'self-hurt, and therefore reader's discretion is advised. If any of the above makes you uncomfortable or is triggering, I suggest you click off. •••• ENJOY!


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First fight in a relationship leads to first time (hate) sex leads to makeup sex. One-Shot Imagine


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Venus didn't know how to deal with her grief. Joe didn't know how to deal with his breakup. Their awkward encounters, uncomfortable meetups, and misunderstandings led into late night confessions that turned into early morning coffee. They couldn't hide their undeniable chemistry. This story will have alcohol use, marijuana use, sexual themes, mentions of death, depression, and anxiety. If this is triggering for anyone, read at your own discretion. Thank you!


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What will you do if the hottest heartthrob of this generation walks up to the counter to buy noodles at two in the morning and you're the cashier? Keep it a secret and plan your meet-cute, of course! Seraphim de la Cruz is never (like ever) nosy, but for rising star Yuan Shen, she's willing to make an exception. Curious as to why the hot actor has been dropping by their local convenience store at two in the morning every day, Seraphim orchestrates opportunities for their meet-cute. But her makeup skills and natural charm are always sabotaged by her natural magnet for bad luck. With their contrasting lives, Yuan's spontaneous schedule, and unclear motives, will the two ever meet halfway, or will their moments just be labeled as fleeting memories of the past?