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TDTSIA *Sawyer Huggins* (Jackie Radinsky) fanfic

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**TDTSIA means The day that started it all**
Casey May is a 16 year old in high school. Her best friends are Bella (QB for the Silverado Bulldog's football team), Sophie (a cheerleader for the Silverado Bulldog's), and Pepper (another cheerleader for the Silverado Bulldog's). Casey is also a cheerleader too. But when she meets eyes with Sawyer Huggins her life goes from plain and boring to fun and adventurous.
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Danni and Sawyer have been best friends since 1st grade. They both love football, but unlike Sawyer, Danni doesn't play. Danni has had a huge crush on Sawyer since they were 9 years old. Troy, Newt, and Sawyer are Danni's only friends, until she meets the new football quarterback, Bella. Danni finally finds the courage to tell Sawyer about how she feels. Danni gets close to telling Sawyer until drama comes along and pushes Danni out of place? Will Danni ever be able to tell Sawyer? Will others get to Sawyer quicker than Danni does? Find out in Passed! All rights go to Nick and others!!! I do not own any of the characters other than Danni and Jacob. I do not edit this story! I will most likely edit this after it is complete! :) All rights, other than my few characters, go to Nickelodeon.


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Bella and the bull dogs-Sawyer Huggins-Jackie Radinsky- Fan-Fic When Bella's cousin, Aria, moves back to Texas after her mom and sister die in an accident, she decides to live with her dad. Aria meets, Bella's new football team and Sawyer quickly takes a liking to Aria. Aria also likes Sawyer but what happens when someone from back home turns up and brings her back into reality, she's weak and she wants Aria to know it.


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Just for Jackie Radinsky/Sawyer Huggins fans. I love making imagines so I thought why not make these?! ♥ -Kayla


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Amelia Summers moved from California to Texas. Her parents divorced but that didn't stop her father from moving out to Texas as well so he could be close to them. As she goes to her new school she meets new friend and a boy she had her eye on. but then again, comes trouble. will she ever find love?


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Dawn Jenson is the new girl in school, but what happens when she meets Bella and they become friends quickly. But how will Dawn react that Bella is the QB of the Bulldogs, and will she fall for someone like Sawyer or Newt too.