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Victoria went to la to become a singer and I have a YouTube channel as Victoria has to collab a song with a hansom hunk such as tayler holder ⚠️
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you have been chosen to be in a music video with tayler and you have become a singing duo what will happen between you to


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A boy moves next door, little does she know that it's her boyfriends best friend... What will happen when she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her the whole time with her enemy?


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for all those Tayler Holder Fans looking for a decent book to unleash and feed their need for Tayler Holder thirst.


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Tayler Holder decided to adopt a child, she is an exceptional talent but with a messed up passed. Tayler takes her into his family and they are happy. They had to send Sofie to a new school what happens when he caught her eye.


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What happens when nick beans sister looses her job and has no place to live. Lots and lots of drama between the sway boys. ;)


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This story is about a girl called aria she live in LA she is quite popular and is know to be a famous TikTok and YouTube star Yes this is a Tayler holder story but she has a boyfriend named Grayson but you really just have to read it ☺️ Lots of love please enjoy


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This is the sequel to 'Living with Tayler Holder'. I hope you guys enjoy it. Before you read this story, read the first book because a lot of stuff won't make sense otherwise. (I mean if you really want to you could sort of figure this book out along the way😬) Grace is back with Tayler for the summer of her life. She's spent the year back home in England and blown into this huge tiktok dance star. She comes back to LA for a summer filled of adventure as well as horror. Read on to find out more... QUICK DISCLAIMER: This book belongs to me and all the ideas are original.. I own the character Grace and a few minor characters. This book is fan fiction meaning it is NOT REAL LIFE. The storylines in no way reflect the qualities of these real people.


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when the female intern of society las vegas becomes internationally a tiktok creator alongside the other girls, her tiktok and instagram account growing more faster than her brother's account. layla beck wasn't always the smartest one out of her family. she was always in her brother's shadow. noah was smarter, he was faster then layla was in soccer. ----- layla beck had enough seeing her brother's fan pages on her instagram so when she comes across society las vegas instagram seeing them needing someone who was 18+ who could drive to be their intern, layla knew this had to be the perfect opportunity for her. layla's account started to blow up from her thrist trap tiktok she made with the vinnie hacker, everyone soon realising layla was more hotter and sexier than her brother and vinnie. ----- layla had always been in noah's shadow since their sophomore year when noah has decided to join the boy's soccer team right after layla had joined the girl's soccer team. her tiktok account was skying through the roof with her 50 million followers after posting that thrist trap in the society las vegas bathroom. as her tiktok is booming, karina decides to bring layla along with them to not a content house where layla meets the anna shumate. the girl layla had been crushing on since august when her friend ag mcdaniel was seeing the said girl.