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Targeted by Cupid

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Cher Lloyd never would've thought that Cupid (Luke Hemmings) would enter her life one day just to meddle with her love life. Cupid messes up though... a 'couple' of times.
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She was only supposed to be there for a month and he was never supposed to fall in love. He was off limits and she was infatuated from day one. • All Rights Reserved • Highest Ranking: #1 in Harry Styles tag


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Book 2 of it started with you. Highest ranking #323 in teen fiction - Join me again to tell this emotional roller coaster that is the tragic life of Asher hill, Baylor Campbell, Cameron jones, and Leah Michelle. - Book started Jan 20, 2020


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Erin Kramer is your typical badass gangster who has forgotten what life was like without the constant fights against another gang from a neighboring school. One day, she is forced to live a normal life as a teenage girl just because her mom is remarrying. Will she be able to change her ways that easily though?


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Cher's an outcast who doesn't give a damn about having a bad reputation. But just like everyone else, she has a secret and it involves the most popular guy in school. And it gets even more confusing when a certain bad boy (Luke) becomes interested in her as well as her jock crush (Niall) and the school's biggest drama geek (Louis) who seems to hate her and she doesn't even know why...


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That one party really did change Heath's life... permanently. Heath Sumner is known for the constant fights that she tries to avoid all the time but fails miserably. She goes rough on anyone who pisses her off since her fists are faster than her head, according to her best bud, Sphinx Madison. Well, it's not her fault that she can't control her temper. So on one faithful night when she was yet again, grounded, Sphinx calls out of no where leaving an alarming message: THEY'RE GOING TO KILL ME IF YOU DON'T COME... So she rushes out of her window to head to the party that her best friend is in to fly to his rescue only to crash lips with this bad guy named Connor Wright... accidentally! And this is when she started to get surrounded by Connor's gang filled with bad ass hunks... plus she got an eye patch too! Curious? Read on...


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A thief, a killer and a psychopath crosses paths with one another.


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Husband is in prison. Raising two kids on his own. Dealing with loneliness. Dealing with his job. How much can one take? Cameron Alono Jackson was happy- fifteen years ago that is, when he was with his husband and their two kids. That is up until the police caught up to Anthony D'arell Jackson and took him away for the rest of his life over multiple murders and kidnappings. As much as Cameron relies on them, one phone call a year isn't enough. Memories aren't enough, old pictures aren't enough. There's not one night that passes where Cameron hasn't been overthinking, crying, or contemplating about his life or the thought of Anthony's life in prison. And dealing with two fifteen year old teenagers is hard. Especially when one is constantly disrespectful, has anger issues and is careless about their action and the other is at a constant risk of being taken advantage of. Through all of this, Cameron has always tried his best to remain neutral and happy- but as the days go by it's becoming more difficult to act as if he's got everything under control. It's becoming harder to put on this mask of fake happiness when he always feels like he's slowly losing himself- But, what about Anthony?


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Helen has always heard that love is blind, but she's starting to realise that love may not be blind after all, but rather forbidden, and in the shape of her step-father. Warning: This story contains scenes that are of an explicit and erotic nature and is intended for new adults, 17+. Story includes consensual sex between step relations. ⚠️ SLOW UPDATES BUT WILL BE FINISHED ⚠️


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in which remedith cherry drops songs and dips just to say fuck modest.