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TaekWoon One Shot

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hey guys this is a new story ! its not smut but its a bit angsty yet not angst
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A safe space I created just for my multi black kpop stans! Please enjoy and don't forget to read the 'Disclaimer Chapter' I added for y'all :) Stay beautiful and Keep Reading, xoxoxoxo Cover Art By: @OeuvreofMani Check her works out and give her a follow !! #1 for #alonetogether August 2020 #11 for VIXX July 25th, 2019


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Stories with little space about different K-pop groups. You can write your requests in comments.


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•Little space •Fluff •Crossdressing •Member X Malereader (only) •DAY6, NCT, WINNER, IKON, Stray Kids, EXO, GOT7, SEVENTEEN, PENTAGON, KNK, BIGBANG, MONSTA X, VIXX, THE ROSE, Newkidd, K.A.R.D, Ateez, Oneus, A.C.E, Onewe, Wanna one. Etc


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These are going to be One Shot Fanfiction from my favorite Kpop Ships. They contain fluff, smut and harder things I don't normaly write angst cause I don't really know how but I might try it one day. 😅 I'm not sure yet if it'll just gonna be bl fanfictions or if I'm gonna do some girl love storys as well. Hope you enjoy it! I don't own any of these characters and don't force any kind of sexuality on the real people, I just like using Names/People that you guys know so you can imagine someone behind it or not that's up to you.😊


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I could still remember the day I first met him. It was at that wedding... I was all prepared to hate it. But it was a really nice wedding, okay? The complementary wine didn't hurt either. And, no. I didn't let myself get drunk. I drank just enough to loosen up. Just enough to give me the courage to walk over to the handsome God in the nice suit who had been watching me. WORST. DECISION. EVER.


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"Pull your trigger at me Make me collapse onto you Aim at my heart Possess me in my entirety."


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Love. Hate. Broken. Lovey Dovey. All the terms that describe a relationship. A girl who is very independent and have no hopes on anyone to be there for her in any situation. Instead, she is always there when her friends need her. A boy who was secretly liking that harsh girl from a far. But being pushed away by the girl. A girl will always be a girl. One day, there will be a day, she will need to depend on someone.