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Read story Switchblade - (A Fortnite Fanfic :P)

Author: PyulerFauxBer

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 21-03-2021

Status: Writing

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(Takes place in Chapter 1 SX) Everyone on the Fortnite Island has acted the same as they always have. John is still leader of the Agents (even though they're useless now), the furry squad is still dominating everyone, the S1 OGs aren't trying anymore, and the OG Squad still gets together every now and then. Drift had been starting to get tired of how everything was the same old same old, until he finds out someone in the squad liked him. He was already with Brite, so it wasn't her. As he tries to figure out who it is, he finds out some other interesting things about the squad that he never knew before.

Might possibly make this a web comic on ig but as of now, it's just a fanfic.

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