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Sunshine | Kumirei

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Kumiko Oumae is living the happy high-school life, isn't she?

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dónde alec lightwood, Isabelle lightwood,Clary fray, Magnus Bane, Raphael Santiago, Simón lewis, la reina seelie etc. encuentran su alma gemela en ti o donde tú encuentras tus almas gemelas pero eso lleva a que caiga un gran peso en tus hombros trayendo aventuras


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Siendo la chica más popular de la escuela y la más deseada, parece una reina en su último año de bachiller. Karina ha pasado por cada uno de los chicos y con una reputación más de una diosa que de una fácil, su intención siempre ha sido divertirse y pasar un buen rato, aunque ha tenido que romper un par de corazones. Pero cuando Steve llega, Kari se da cuenta que no puede conquistarlo con sus encantos e intentos de seducirlo. ¿Quién se enamorará primero?


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Hannah Clarke, you probably never heard of her considering she grew up in London, her mother shipping her off there because of her father's grandmother wanting to see her. While she was there her grandmother received the news of her parents passing away. Hana never really bothered to care about her sister being in Japan and her being separated. She has her grandmother taking care of her after all. But things happen for a reason, not everything can be perfect and remain as it is... after all nothing stays forever especially a person's life. It ends. Highest reach: #5 in #gokusen - 09/03/2021 #4 in #gokusen - 11/05/2021 #2 in #sawadashin - 11/05/2021 #2 in #yamaguchikumiko - 11/05/2021 #7 in #yankumi - 11/05/2021 Is this reaaaal? I love Gokusen so much so i feel really glad that some people love it too🥺💜 Oct 13, 2021 - Y'ALL I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS STORY HIT 1K READS! AAAHHHGGG MY HEARTUE!


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"No dejaba de pensar en sus brillantes ojos cafés, el sonido de su risa alegre, ni en el aroma sedoso y delicado de su perfume. Trató de evocar la fragancia de la forma más vívida que podía: era una esencia sobria de flores de azahar y jazmín, que le envolvían los sentidos en una suave caricia" Dos personas solitarias y heridas convergen en circunstancias que no hubieran imaginado. Cuando se desea tanto amar y ser objeto de amor, a veces las cosas suceden, sólo hay que poner atención. Playlist:


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Kumiko x Reina Fanfiction, One-shots. Some shots might play in the same universe. Mostly cute moments. Will probably also include smut.


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"I hate you!" she seethes as she looks him dead into the eyes hoping he believes her words and not the look in her golden irises. I love you "If you don't let me go, I'll cut you up with that pretty little knife and make paella out of you!" If you don't replace the dagger with your tongue and take me upstairs into your room with a plate full of paella, I'll really kill you then. Seeing his mouth slightly shift up into a smirk only angers her further. "You're a monster!" she screams with every ounce of pain inside her. Something dark shifts in the room. His blue eyes turn a darker shade; the color of the ocean when a thunderstorm erupts and the waves spiral. He fixes his posture so he's standing at his full height, muscles flexing from the movement. He drops the dagger and deftly replaces his hands with it as he wraps one around her throat and the other around her waist, lifting her up so they're at the same height. His smile isn't warm, it's calculating. It's the smile that sends people to Hell. "No quya, I'm not a monster. I'm El León." He rubs his thumb up and down the base of her neck and sees her jugular vein pulse. Never losing eye contact, he licks the vital vein with his sharp tongue and makes an offer. One she can never look back. "Be my lioness." ------------


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Kumiko can't cook to save her life. Reina is more than willing to help.


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Some one-shots that suddenly popped in my head or those that were forgotten in my drafts. I accept requests. Current ships (will update every time I added a new one): •Ai Hayasaka x Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-sama: Love is War) • Ritsu Tainaka x Mio Akiyama (K-ON!!) •Ikuno x Naomi (Darling in the FranXX) •Ikuno x Ichigo (Darling in the FranXX •Yuuko Yoshikawa x Natsuki Nakagawa (Hibike! Euphonium) •Kumiko Oumae x Reina Kousaka (Hibike! Euphonium) •Nodoka Manabe x Yui Hirasawa (K-ON!!) •Yui Hirasawa x Azusa Nakano (K-ON!!)