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Star Trek Reader Inserts

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Just some Star Trek reader inserts for reboot and Wesley Crusher from TNG.
Nothing inappropriate included.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Star Trek or any character/alien
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Violet Henry believed she had escaped her past, that it was closed and over and she'd never have to think about it again. But when a strange man in a Hawaiian shirt comes to her with a proposition, she doesn't have much choice but to follow him. You're never truly over it, not until you face it. Billy Butcher x OC Season 1 - ✓ Season 2 - ✓ ! Find the fanfic playlist and board on Spotify and Pinterest @PedroPascalsSock !


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You're y/n. One of the worlds most famous actress. You were on Game of thrones, Spider-Man, the Avengers, Iron Man, and many other movies. But the end of your long term relationship is really affecting you and steering your way into other people arms. But then your ex boyfriend comes back into your life and wants you back? Which will you chose? Life isn't always easy when you're famous. And pregnant.


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Reader inserts with you and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Includes Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, and Scotty.


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Spock Kirk Scotty Bones Chekov Etc. From the original Star Trek to the new Star Trek


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Collection of small one shots about various fandoms. Criminal Minds, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii5-0, The Originals, Star Trek, Supernatural, The Avengers, The Kingsman: Secret Service, Bones, Once Upon A Time, Gotham, Mission Impossible, James Bond, MacGyver (reboot), Batman (Christopher Nolan, DC), Blue Bloods, One Chicago, Chicago: Med, Chicago: PD, Chicago: Fire


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reader inserts for the star Trek characters


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reverence | "adventure is written in the stars" [star trek: the reboot] [spock x femme!oc]


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Isabella Williams wanted all her life to work for Starfleet in their Advanced Weaponary department. When she graduates top of her class she is assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise to work on the bridge as the main weapons expert. But when Vulcan gets attacked will she able to withstand the storm it brings? Will she find love?


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I decided to make a Star Trek reader inserts with all the guys in it, but without making it into a whole, complicated story. Yes, I know the title is very unoriginal, but oh well! Hope you enjoy~


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(HIATUS) Alex Tyr Birch is an autistic girl who was ripped from her reality by an unknown entity.. Plunged into the Universe of her favorite television show, she try's to live among them..Unsure of how to get back home she settles into her new life. Steering them towards a better path.. whilst doing so she gains the curiosity of a Vulcan onboard. Little does she know the being that brought her to this new reality didn't account for her blossoming friendship with the resident Vulcan. What will happen to Alex? Will she ever get back home? Find out by reading!