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soulmates. | sean lew

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what would you do if you knew the exact moment you were going to meet your soulmate?

completed • february 19 2018
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in which sean has 30 days to get a girl to fall in love with him. completed • july 19 2017


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It was too much. She had already been tossed into the deep water. Then Lila drowned her. Everyone watched. No one did anything. Except for three.


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What happened after Marinette joined Jagged and Luka on a World Tour? What did Damian do? Did he follow through with Mari's advice? What happens when Mari comes back to Gotham? Will they be able to fall in love again? Will Marinette give Damian another chance? Will things be different between them? Read to find out. (SLOW UPDATES) Please be patient with me. Inspired by the One Shot I did of "Falling". Some songs are self written some are from my playlist so... hehehehehe


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Marinette was glass. She was beautiful and yet so dangerous if misused. But she shattered. She broke, under the pressure of a liar Under the pressure of being a 12 year old superhero. She had the world on her shoulders and no one knew about it. Until met she people. People who she thought she thought she would never meet. They weren't people who thought the situation in Paris was a prank, No. They were people who were with her through everything They were her new family. They made her a diamond She was pure (in a way) and one of a kind. She's back. And she's Unbreakable. Read to find out! please support me by votes, comments and sharing! ❤😊


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[complete] sean lew x reader i did everything i could, but i guess i still wasn't enough to be called "his"


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A dancer named Hailey Rockwell auditions for season 2 of Dance Moms and makes it in! Who will her friends be? Rivals? And how far will her mom go to make sure she succeeds?


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It's 1920 and the war is over. Many men find comfort in recreation. Alfie Solomon's extorts the opportunity as he opens a Gentleman's club in London Town - Cleopatra's. He employs high end women to dance for men in power for a steady price, with only one rule. Jewish women are off the menu.


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They were once rivals that just cannot stand the mere presence of one another. But now that the tables have turned and miracles happened, rivals seemed to morph into something greater; rivals turned into lovers. But let's say that this is just the beginning of it all. [BOOK 2 of "Rivals + Sean Lew"]


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After seven years of infidelity Jaz finally called it quits with Rico after she caught him with Keisha, a girl who cant seem to find her own man. Stepping out of her comfort zone and onto the stage Jaz met a guy she could see herself with long term, but her heart is also drawn to an old childhood friend. Jaz is stuck between something new and a familiar feeling. The choice may be clear but it wouldn't be life without a few hurdles along the way. Come along on her ride. °THIS STORY CONTAINS SEXUAL SCENES AND THE USE OF STRONG LANGUAGE°