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" You tell the little girl you're the Jeon freaking Jungkook from the BTS?" Jimin, who's on the edge of the explosion, holding a phone and almost drops it after hearing the news. This is terrific. " Why did you do that? And we're not going to run across the valley to cut Army chasing again, you know?" Jimin pulls his hair, and by this rate, he's going to get bald soon, like Chimmy. Oh wait, this's not supposed to be revealed yet, isn't it?

" You're getting bald at this rate." Taehyung points out at his frustration.

" Oh shut up." He groans, paying no attention to the small details.

" You know, he's just-"

" Zip your mouth Tae, let the Maknae say what it's needed to say." Jimin, again cuts the Tae's sentence again, clearly frustrated at the maknae. This is getting bad, he does not mean it this way.
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γ€Œ In which a mechanic who's always dreamed of driving her own car, sneaks into an illegal racers club... Only to be caught by their #1 driver. 」 γ€Œ ROMCOM + DRAMA + ACTION 」 🏁 - SET IN 2006 β€’ WESTSIDE LA β€’ POC CULTURE. (I AM BLACK.) ⭐️ γ€Œ π€π„π’π“π‡π„π“πˆπ‚: LA Hood + Y2K + Super / Vintage cars + Neon Night Life. 」 πŸ’šπŸ–€ #1 in Jeonjungkook, Beyondthescenes & many more. ⚠️ ALL RACES ARE WELCOME HERE, JUST DON'T USE THE N-WORD IF YOU'RE NOT BLACK! ⚠️ ALSO DO NOT PLAGIARISE, RENOVATE OR ADAPT MY BOOKS! YOU WILL BE EXPOSED AND REPORTED! ⚠️ Β© -kimtaesan βœ“


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Desecrating the purest of hearts. They toy with women to watch them squirm, pollinate the seeds of despair, to satiate their Seven Deadly Sins. -Ellen Hopkins


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got rejected by someone who supposed to love you, hurts. - ❝ what will you do to fix the broken heart? ❞ ↳ dusk series 2/7 β€’ soulmate au - short story - fan fiction. β€’ highest rank #3 in taehyungfluff (2019/11/15)

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"I'll marry you when I grow up." The little Prince chimes as he steadies himself to walk on top of an old abandoned log. "You can't. A Prince should marry a Princess, and I'm not a Princess so you can't marry me."She says before resuming back to the coloring book in front of her. With a grunt he hops off the wood. "My mom said I can do whatever I want when im King. And I want to marry you. Simple as that." 02/14/2021 HR : 67# in FanFiction 04/19/2021 HR : 60# in Fanfiction


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Aera could always see people's soulmates. She believed she had her own soulmate, too. But things don't always turn out as you want them, right? dedicated to my readers; love yourself you precious bean β™‘ ily β™‘