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Welcome to Sir Rob's World-Building Workshop! Would you like to be part of building Sir Rob's next fictional realm? Then join him on his journey and let's make a wacky world of wonder!

(This is not an actual story. It's a workshop. So if you're allergic to bits and pieces of fictional worlds flying around, do not enter.)
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*A stand-alone novel* There are numerous planners, out of which, event planners top the list. But have you ever heard of escape planners? If not, then meet Aura and Kian. They both help random people escape from their miseries, anguishes, and boring life. No, they are not criminals, nor do they know each other. They both have been working independently, oblivion of the fact that someone else is there doing the same job. Both are stubborn and strong-willed as hell. Despite having good payable jobs, the only thing that keeps them going to their secret job is the additional and generous money that they get from their clients. One is in dire need of money and the other desires more. Now, they met in most unusual circumstances and some sudden change of events compelled them to work together. So, what happens when these two planners become partners to plan an escape? Would they be able to complete their task? Would they be able to execute whatever they have planned, or will they fail for the first time since they have begun doing the job? And the most important point to consider: What will they do about the sudden feelings that begin to develop inside them for each other over time?


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From the author of Prodigy and The Art of the Hustle comes the highly anticipated third novel from Edward Mullen. Available now in eBook stores! Working as a stock clerk in a small-town grocery store only served as a constant reminder that Ben Owen's life was meaningless. After a series of devastating events stripped him of everything he had, Ben hit rock bottom. To swing luck in his favour, temptation beckoned him at every turn. He had the opportunity to regain not only what he had lost, but so much more. But Ben soon realized everything he gained came at a price. At its core, The Secret Manuscript is a riveting tale about a broken human spirit triumphing in the face of adversity, by any means necessary. *** friendship, inheritance, secret, thriller, mystery, manuscript, timetravel, wattpadstar...


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original novel is not owned by me. im only mtl and editing a bit for offline purposes. Please do not vote! this is not MY OWN CREATION/ MY NOVEL Original source: Title : 带着饥荒系统穿越兽世 Author: Pan Xin Category: Danmei chapter : 126 (complete) The ruthless and handsome black lion leader Gong × gentle and strong loves farming Shou. MC, Ci Ye travels through the beast world and brings the system with him. The cute pet; Xiao Bai followed him, accidentally picked up a black lion, Jin Ze, and a tribe; Dahao, and became the witch of the orc tribe. Soon: the story of the Monkey King and the Lion King began to spread, and interesting animal chess became popular among the tribes. Fireplaces and lanterns in the house, mushroom trees spraying spores, glowing spores flying around...shhh! Hide it quietly in the lampshade! Cute and timid flying squirrels live on the backs of elephants and roam with the elephants. The brutal beasts are waiting for the opportunity, and the danger is hidden. The Hundred Birds tribe is a traveling businessman, and there is trading news from the other side of the river from the Qianhu Market. When the herds of beasts begin to migrate, the splendid world gradually begins... Explore the map: Beast God, God's Punishment, Poison Purple Marsh, Basin Salt Lake, Mushroom Jungle, Snow-covered Mountains, Thousand Lakes Plain... Silver Wolf Beasts, Great Roar Tribe, Turtle Tribe, Earth Dragon Tribe, Hundred Bird Tribe, Land Abandoned by Gods... Light up the tech tree: Bamboo Baskets, Pottery, Water Wells, Fishing Nets, Candles, Lanterns, Mushroom Street Lamps, Sailboats... Planting, Domesticating, Cooking Salt, building houses, weaving, brewing, planting colorful rice, building cities... Protagonist: Ci Ye ┃ Male Lead Obsidian ┃Supporting Characters: Dahao Tribe orcs


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Ermias Asghedom community in Crenshaw came first even if that meant he put his own needs last, while he focuses on rebuilding his childhood neighborhood he is faced with a beautiful damsel in distress and his providing side kicks in to help out the stranger. London Nicole a woman from Crenshaw who made it out with a golden ticket to be an actress in Hollywood, she jumps at the opportunity and never looks back leaving loved ones and friends behind. What will happen when she returns and is the one in need of help will the community turn their backs on her like she did them?


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❇ Beauty is all I have, and I'll use it to take revenge on every single tear I shed. ❇ ✴÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷✴ Also knows as the queen of vengeance. ❇ Warning: You're about to read a princess's harem of seductive men. Enter at your own risk. You've been warned. ❇ [Highest Ranking] #1- lightnovel #1 - reverse harem #3 - strong female character #4 - planning #15- reincarnation


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WATTYS WINNER 2020 Two interconnected murders, 64 years apart. One woman's search for truth and identity. Readers' comments: 'a masterpiece', 'impeccably written', 'amazing', 'superbly crafted page-turner', 'hauntingly beautiful', 'tremendous plot and character development', 'one of a kind', 'fantastic story telling', 'loved this book', 'a wonderful read", 'absolutely beautiful', 'brought tears to my eyes' and many more Wattys judging panel: 'This is VERY good. We were HOOKED from the beginning, and the writing and plot hold up throughout. This is a very unique, polished, well-written and well-researched piece.' Plot Set partly in rural England, partly on the sun-kissed coast of southerm Italy, The Painted Altar is a murder mystery mixed with romantic and historical elements (World War Two). Given away at two days old, Mary Rice has spent her life in the shadows. When discovering the suspicious circumstances surrounding her biological mother's death, she embarks on a journey which will shine a light not only on the truth but also on her own identity. Brief extract Suddenly, the door had inched open, half a wrinkled face visible behind the tautened chain. "Hello. Who is it?" The words I was going to say had of course been well-rehearsed, repeated over and over in my mind like a mantra, but now that the moment had arrived I found myself struggling to remember them. "Mrs Harvey... I think that you might... well, that you might be..." The door closed, then slowly opened once more, the chain this time unlatched. And there she was before me - half a metre away, within arm's reach. Thin lips gradually crooking upwards at each corner like the slow beatific kindling of a summer's dawn. "Oh yes love, I know who you are." Length: 70,000 words About the author: Originally from England but for the last 16 years I've been living in Italy. I hope therefore that the Italian aspects of the novel will have a certain gloss of authenticity.


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A collection of true, amusing stories from the past.


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A murder at the castle gates, a young widow in distress - and only one man willing to solve the mystery of the violent death that has disrupted the peaceful village of Sevenport! After years of hardship and slavery, Harun the Arab has found work as a noblemen's scribe in the village of Sevenport. Altough he often meets with hostility in medieval Christian Europe, he is content with his lot. Yet his quiet life is disturbed when a peasant in his village is murdered and nobody seems inclined to investigate the murder. There's no such thing as a police in medieval Europe - unlike in Harun's homeland. So Harun will just have to fill the gap and find the murderer... --------------------------------- REVIEWS: 8 / 10 points, Writing4eva Book Reviews ACHIEVEMENTS: # 4 on 'What's hot'-list category Historical Fiction #27 on 'What's hot'-list category Mystery / Thriller The first work by RobThier, the most successful German Wattpad authors and winner of multiple awards, published in English.


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How to Write Fanfiction is a writing resource that contains tips and tricks on crafting fanfiction stories - by the community, for the community. This guide will serve as a helpful point of reference for fanfiction writers both old and new. We ultimately hope to encourage Wattpadders to immerse themselves in the limitless world of fanfiction and try their hand at fic writing!