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"You don't love him" "I love him!" "No you don't, I know he have a part in your heart because of your past but that doesn't change the fact that the feelings of yours changed when you met your soulmate" "Chaewon-ah, why are you forcing him to mate you when you don't love him anymore?" a X1 fanfiction ^_^ highest ranking : #1 - kimwooseok [1/20/20] #2 - hangyul [2/7/20] Love lotsπŸ’ž @purple_luna97


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"To my first, I love you forever." But perhaps, forever is too much to ask for. started: 30.09.2022


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In 1986, when Lorelai and Rory Gilmore fled Hartford, they left something important behind, not something, someone. Juliana Gilmore-Hayden, the forgotten sister, was raised for a year by her maternal grandparents before her father claimed custody of her, and along with his parents Francine and Straub, they raised her, loved her, did everything Lorelai should have done. But didn't. Juliana always knew she had a mother and twin sister, but never wanted to know them, never wanted anything to do with them. She always made sure she never crossed paths with them. Rory goes to a High School in some small town, Juliana goes to Chilton Academy in Hartford. Rory wants to go to Harvard, Juliana wants to go to Yale. Everything is perfect, everything is exactly how she wants it to be. She doesn't have any contact with her mother and her sister has no idea she exists. Juliana doesn't need them. She has her best friends, she has a loving father, loving grandparents, and she's basically in Yale. Life is perfect. Until she gets word Rory is coming to Chilton. Started: 17/08/21 *I do not own any characters except Juliana Gilmore-Hayden and Theo Montgomery it


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Jeno is an adorable omega, who, unintentionally, has an alpha and another omega yearning for him. This alpha and omega couple wants nothing but to kiss his delicious cherry red, glossy lips but Jeno's life is a mess. /Ι‘lΙ’s/ noun a superficially attractive appearance or impression. Verb try to conceal or disguise (something unfavourable) by treating it briefly or representing it misleadingly. A Norenmin Story


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[h.rj x dream] ΰ³ƒβ€βž· in which renjun moves into a new apartment, and the tenants in the surrounding rooms share a relationship. β†’ a relationship they intend to add him to... β†· mature themes ━ renjun x dream | 2020 ━ Β©sungchan_sunday_


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β™‘ school romance "I don't deserve you Jaemin..." "What makes you say that?" "You're a kind, considerate, intelligent and humble person. The most of them I've ever met." "Then you deserve me, Park Hyejin." ❗ TW! Mental illness, abuse, violence ❗ An original story by @from_izzy Please do not copy or steal. I only own the storyline in all of my books. All photos and videos go to their respective owners.


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[ rewriting ]γ€šFEATUREDγ€› β­’β­’β­’β­’β­’ "My pick-up lines are great." "Yeah, and I have a pet llama." "You do??" "No, idiot." β­’β­’β­’β­’β­’ Arc-en-ciel (n.): Rainbow He's the perfect example of a thundercloud. He's rude, grumbly, and frightening to most- ready to harshly rain down on anyone in his way. She's a human sunbeam, at best. She's the kind of person with a sunshine personality that everyone adores- bubbly, nearly always beaming, and looking to spread smiles. Working with your polar opposite might seem like the worst thing that could happen. But around every thundercloud's rain, there comes sunshine. And with the sun and rain, come rainbows. β­’β­’β­’β­’β­’ Featured in Wattpad Teenfiction's 'Funny Bones' Reading list [no idea how that happened lol] [#1 in Adorable | 1# in Cute | 1# in LoveAtFirstSight } [#1 in BadBoy | 1# in Boyfriend| 1# in Fiction ] [#2 in GoodGirl | #2 in Romance] Β©All rights reserved, available only on Wattpad


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This imagine contains sexual content. If you're not 18+ or not comfortable reading this kind of stuff please skip or block me. Please do not report! I am not sexualizing idols this is all based on imagination dont take it seriously. This book doesn't contain any stories of Chenle and Jisung!!! Β° Β° Β° Instagram : @hardstanneo