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Asner Graves was a child who regained the memories of his past life. Followed after that was the arrival of his so called golden finger "the system". In this world, he saw no reason to use his ability. Instead, he just wanted to live his life normally and fulfill his dreams. But one day, his assumptions is proven wrong and his rose tinted view of the world shattered. Who would thought that he would be reincarnated in one of the most dangerous world to exist out there?


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JSaB oneshots between characters x reader, character x character maybe add ocs if I'm up for it! Go inside for details! Disclaimer: JSAB does not belong to me, whereas some art and ocs that I say belong to me, belong to me.


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WARNING: CURSED IMAGES MIGHT MAKE YOU LAUGH , QUESTION HUMANITY OR make you extremely horrified to the point were you get sick. Meanwhile MEMES ... are just memes so just look at them ... :/


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Requests are now closed, but you can still read one-shots, which were suggested by other people. I think most of the popular SCPs were used in here, but there are also stories with some less known objects, so many people should be able to find something for themselves.


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"I never imagined to met him in this way, this place and this settlement. I know it's wrong in any aspects, but this rendezvous was the thing I don't want to depart" WARNING RATED SPG PLEASE DON'T READ THIS BOOK IF YOU'RE NOT INTO IT. I DON'T MIND TO CARE ABOUT YOUR FUTURE BAD JUDGEMENT. THE AUTHOR HAS A FREE WILL TO RIGHT...


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I had an interesting thought when I was thinking about reviving my old fem scp x male reader books. There are a lot of scp harem stories, why not add to it myself


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Basically drabbles of OCxCanon, OCxOC, and CanonxCanon


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Please don't anger him, he vents it with me TT^TT


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Life seemed to enjoy screwing you over. You thought getting dropped in another dimension was absurd at this point. You couldn't even die properly! [SCP X Reader] (From my Quotev account: I'm Not Here I Swear [NekoInu]) (Formerly titled "Anomalous")