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Shifting Methods Masterlist Book 3 ||SandyDandygUrl|| (COMPLETED)

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*Began Writing: February 22, 2022*

*COMPLETED: April 28, 2022*
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How far would you go for revenge Izuku yagi dead mother neglected by his father abused by his sister and friends and for what? Just because he was quirkless his only saving grace was a girl called Mina ashido but that saving grace didn't last she had to move at the age of 7 izuku couldn't take it anymore and ran away he stole money from his father and went to America where he found 2 things there a book and friends from the other side Que tan lejos irías por venganza Izuku yagi madre muerta abusado por su padre, hermana y amigos y ¿para qué? Solo porque no tenía un quirk, su única gracia salvadora fue una chica llamada Mina ashido, pero esa gracia salvadora no duró, tuvo que mudarse a la edad de 7 años, izuku no pudo soportarlo más y se escapó, le robó dinero a su padre y se fue. a América donde encontró 2 cosas allí un libro y amigos del otro lado


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Onigawara Shin is a shut-in boy who suddenly die because of some stupid reasons and got transported to Danganronpa World by God. What will he do when suddenly wake up in a classroom in Hope's Peak Academy? See the story to find out. Start: February 6th 2021 End: ??? Sorry if this story is bad, this is my first fanfiction I write. Also sorry for my bad English. I do not own every characters in this book except for my OC. I do not own any arts I use in this book. Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony belongs to Kodaka. Super Danganronpa Another 2 belongs to LINUJ. Cover image source:


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Ishigami Senku x Reader "Love? it's sound illogical to me and irrational" "Love cannot be predict at all, that's why it's illogical" but then my heart ache when I see you with someone else. Am I being illogical? "After knowing, I'm in love with you? " I don't own Dr. Stone characters nor the images, videos I used in the story, all credits to the rightful owners.


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(y/n), a doctor. One of the best in her region actually. She lived a very busy life, going to school, going to science, archery training, and then working at the hospital. How in the ever living hell did she manage to keep all of it up while still getting enough sleep. Simple. She didn't. But then she was stone. How good for her, right?


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(Y/N) (L/N) got accepted in to Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Unlucky Student.Her whole life,she's had the worst luck a person possibly could.When she got a letter saying that she was accepted in to the most elite school in Japan,she just couldn't refuse.What happens when suddenly she,along with her new classmates,is thrown in to a horrible situation? This is a story about you being on the island with the other SDR2 characters.I don't own Danganronpa!This is an x reader story.Cover was made by RavenFire2023.I hope you enjoy!