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Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. Or in short, SHIELD. It means we're the line... between the world and the much weirder world. We protect people from news they aren't ready to hear. And when we can't do that, we keep them safe. Or we try.

I do not own the character of Agents of SHIELD. All rights go to the team of Marvel Studios. I only own my character and her storyline.
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Billy doesn't know what her powers are. She has too many to count. She was taken by HYDRA when she was just a little girl and ever since then, they have been experimenting on her and training her alongside the Winter Soldier. In a world where everyone is marked by the first words their soulmate(s) will say, will she ever find hers when she never got the chance to read hers and doesn't even think she has one; let alone more than one? And when she does, will she finally find a home? AU where events happen in a mashed up order. Been reading a lot of soulmark fanfic lately so decided to take a stab at it myself. Updates may or may not be slow as I am still working on my HP and Charmed fanfics as well and going to start a LOTR one as well.


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kate bishop x oc unedited! โžดโžตโžถ โžดโžตโžถ "I swear if you point another gun at my face I will lodge an arrow up your ass!" Mac smirks and says "Like to see you try." Clint groans and says "Don't make me separate you two again. Mackenzie behave." โžดโžตโžถ โžดโžตโžถ


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Winter Alice Blood, used to be a part of the Red Room with her two sisters Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova. After escaping from the Red Room with her older sister Natasha. Nat decided to join S.H.I.E.L.D., but Winter decided against it. One night, Winter was sat in a bar, when a British guy approached her "Hey" The guy said with a beer in one hand "Uh, hey" Winter answered "Lance Hunter" He said "Winter Blood" She responded slightly confused "You're the Deadly Widow, right?" He asked "Yup, lucky guess" "Me and my mates are a small group of mercenaries, I've heard you didn't wanna join S.H.I.E.L.D. Why not join us?" She thought about for a second, it sounded good and not a government watching you the whole time "Okay, deal" (I don't own any Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters , I only own my character) ~Unedited~


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The avengers react to an alternate reality that results in Tony Stark discovering the existence of his daughter Agent Daisy Johnson, and the Avengers reuniting to stand against Thanos and this time they plan on winning. How you might ask? When Dr. Steven Strange sees the possible futures in Infinity war using the time stone and sees that the only possible timeline, where they have won is one where Tony Stark made the ultimate sacrifice. He then creates a pocket dimension, and assigns a trustworthy friend, and sorcerer to gather the Avengers, and everyone who is needed from the past to complete this mission successfully, and makes them see the future. so they could learn from their mistakes and prevent the endgame from being their end. I would like to add that surely I don't own the avengers or the agents of shield I only own their reaction and daisy's addition to the avenger's script. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL # 1 daisyjohnson # 1 skye #1 dailyupdates


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Natasha Romanoff x Female Reader x Wanda Maximoff. This is a a/b/o story. Being an omega was never easy, especially when growing up with a family that sold you out to a illegal omega rent house. All y/n could remember was going from alpha to alpha to alpha, being rented for a month and then coming back to being send to someone else. Will y/n ever get to live a normal life and how will she deal with everything she went through? โš  Warning there will be rape in this story. Further warnings will be given at the beginning of the chapter. โš 


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One day Riley Campbell wakes up in the stone circle of Alfea, mind clouded, but one question clear: How did she get there? As she tries to figure that out, she ends up stumbling upon more secrets than she wants to know. [Silrah-focused]


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"...the other Capitol Darling. Incredibly popular in the Capitol they love her here, she has been a favourite of many for years. Charismatic, charming, another total preener depending on her mood. Extremely skilled in combat despite her district and very lethal." "Any weaknesses?" Peeta asked hopefully. Haymitch chuckled dryly, "Unfortunately for you guys, she has none. And as the cherry on top of the cake she does not like the two of you, you messed up a lot of things with that berry trick and she is not happy about it. My advice, try and win her over because she does not buy the 'star crossed lovers' act one bit." โš”๏ธ She won the 67th hunger games for district 10 but she had never felt like a winner. You can't win the hunger games, you can only survive. But will she survive when she is thrown back into the arena eight years later? โš”๏ธ [ongoing 28/05/22] [Catching fire - Mockingjay part 2] [Johanna Mason x OC] [slow updates]


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Ava Welters has always wondered who her soulmates were she started to give up all of her friends have met theirs although they don't have multiple or as many soul mark than her she still feels upset that her mates haven't shown up yet. But no matter life goes on she has to keep living she has to graduate high school and go to college. She has always wanted to go to NYU Steve R Tony S Bruce B Natasha R Clint B Thor Peter p They were the avengers they should be able to find their mate. they were put on a team because they all have the same soul mark. They fought aliens and yet they can't seem to find their soulmate it's frustrating to all of them. It's been a whole year since the attack on New York and as they search for their mate tension has been rising. They need to find their mate and soon. More chapters coming soon. FYI the ages of the avengers(Tony) do not a line with the official story line.


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*Alternate MCU timeline*Mature content* A fixer is a person who carries out assignments for another party or is skillful at solving problems for others. For example, this person carries out difficult, undercover, or stealth actions, or extricates a client out of personal or professional trouble. Jo Coleson is Nick Fury's fixer. He sends her to SHIELD bases when a team is about to fall apart or is headed that way. Known to all SHIELD agents as simply 'The Fixer' she shows up, watches from the sidelines and then steps in. She assesses the team for it's strengths and weaknesses and then acts accordingly. You don't want her showing up because if she does there's no guarantee that you'll make the cut. She doesn't care about title or rank. If you're a problem.. she'll make it so you aren't one anymore


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Katja Laurence is a doctor at Central City General, but when the Particle Accelerator explodes, she becomes something more. She joins Team Flash after accidentally killing people that she was trying to save. She never felt like a part of the team, so when a mysterious time traveler tells her that she has a chance to become a hero, she jumps at the chance. Now Katja must join with a team of D-list heroes and criminals to fight their fate and become not just heroes, but Legends.