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Read story Shidi Let Shixiong Love You [Editing]

Author: LazyAntTL

Category: Romance

Update: 24-03-2022

Status: Full

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Title: Shidi* let shixiong** hurt you. (师弟让师兄疼你)
Author: Qing Wu Xuanfeng (轻舞旋风)
Status: Completed
Length: 17 Chapters
Translator: LazyAnt
Editor: Ein_Smith

*Younger brother (in martial art)
**Senior brother (in martial art)

He is a teacher. He had an accident. He crossed a world but faced with seven brothers like wolf. The head of the brother, Minhanlou, under the indifferent face, hidden a fiery heart.
The enchanting brother, Feng Yunxie. He opened his collar halfway and laughed and confused.
"The younger brother, the brother is very hot." And he. Han Nuoyan raise his eyebrows, he is a normal man, why do these people have to pounce themselves one by one. It's a wonderful story. This is a story of a group of wolves wearing sheepskins eating sheep.

Just Translating for FUN!!!

Note: Original story does not belong to me but to its owner. The story called [师弟让师兄疼你] by 轻舞旋风 if you wanted the original untranslated version. Translation is all done by yours truly. If the translation isn't up to par. Please be forgiving, I'm still amateur to this. Thank you ^.^

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