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Hey guys !! As always this is also a story on Our heavenly couple SwaSan but this a crazy love story !! Sanskar who fell in love with swara in first sight !! And their marriage fixed arranged by parents though Swara loves Sanskar she used to hide it to tease him !! This story is their crazy behaviour after their marriage and some naughty nokjhok !!

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An arranged marriage, everything was fixed between them even they.. but what about love..? Its just an usual simple love story... How two complete strangers Swara and Sanskar finding love in their arranged marriage... Warning- I gonna to add south Indian customs... So you guys have any doubt then ask me in comment box...😇😇


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its a story after 6 months seperation of swara and sanskar... as per his word sanskar give swara his worst punishment... swara let sanskar accepting his punishment and heart broken... hurt forom his behavior... from his family's behavior and above that his punishment... she changed herself... sanskar who one day told swara to not change ever in her life for him he changed... sanskar accused her for breaking his promise right? then why he return to that family?why he again take over that business which saved by swara? why he cared that family which saved swara? none asked him... what will happen when that changed swara and sanskar come face to face... how much swara changed? what will sanskar do? will he ever regret or still will blame swara? to know peep in the story...


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swasan ts... I am changing it to FS.. I hope u will like it


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"My dad sold me to a pack of werewolves to settle his gambling debt." ❀ "I'm going to count to three," Logan growls. He doesn't have to say the rest. If I haven't come to him by then, he'll come to me... and I'll regret it. I know this game, and I know there is only one way it can end: with broken bones. If I don't come to him, his wolf will take over and he'll make me pay. If I obey, his wolf will still take over, and I'll still be the one suffering the consequences. "One," Logan snaps. A tear slowly rolls down my cheek and I dig my nails into my palm until they draw blood. More tears join the first and my lower lip trembles. I want Logan to see how much he's hurting me. "Two," Logan counts, gesturing for me to come to him. I know that he's filled with anticipation. He's hoping for 'three,' craving it. ❀ Three Books in One: Sold to a Wolf Pack | ✔ Saved by a Wolf Pack | ✔ Loved by a Wolf Pack | Ongoing ❀ A fake Omega: Saffron is a rogue, but when her dad sells her to a pack of werewolves, she also has to pretend to be an Omega. Good thing she has a plan: to escape the first chance she gets. A not so mean Alpha: Logan just wants to find his mate and his happily ever after, but instead of the perfect Luna, he gets a weak, frightened Omega. Good thing his dad has a plan: make everyone in the pack mistreat Saffron so she'll finally stand up for herself. An epic romance: Saffron and Logan are meant to be, but will they realize it before it's too late? Not everything is as it seems, and with an enemy threatening to destroy the pack, time is running out. ❀ 167,102 words ❀ Has been ranked #1 in: Werewolf, Paranormal, Romance, Teen Fiction, Humor, Fantasy, General Fiction, Action and even Vampire!


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The story track starts from when sanskar brings swara from the hospital to the badi where ragini and laksh got married, here sanskar doesn't have any guilt in what he did and he just saved swara because of punishing laksh something big, here everybody got to know that sanskar is not mad because of ragini and she put all the blame on him like in the serial. so what is the big plan or punishment which sanskar wants to give to laksh for which he saved swara. This story of mine is a short story and will finish in 5 episodes I think.


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So guys.... Run the wheel of your memory and go back to the time.... When Ragini pushed swara in river in swaragini.... Ragini got married with laksh....swara came... She goes to mm... Laksh throw hee out.... You all know about it right??? Hmm... But but but... There is a small change... Our handsome hunk sanskar maheshwary ne abhi entry nei mari.... So my story is starting from here....


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Sanskar Maheshwari in a quest to take revenge destroyed the life of an innocent. In an efforts to set things right ,he helped her and soon fell head along heels in love with her . But all she wanted was just friendship and not his heart . Swara Bose the girl who believed in love was shattered when the guy she loved married his sister instead , in an quest to set things right she went as far as to marry his Cousin . And when she walked away after proving her innocence . She didn't want anything to do with Marriage or Love. But what if she already start to fall in love again this time for her best friend . Will they be able to cross the hurdles this time around . This SS is based on Swaragini show after Ragini truth comes out and Swara moves back to Badi . A simple tale of falling in love again .


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At the age of 31 Alpha Kane Locus Black had given up on looking for his mate, since the age of 18 it was all he wanted, now at 31 he was cold, scary and distant Alpha to his pack. Until he meets Sora. His little human mate. * Book 1 of the Alpha series *


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[ rewriting ]〚FEATURED〛 ⭒⭒⭒⭒⭒ "My pick-up lines are great." "Yeah, and I have a pet llama." "You do??" "No, idiot." ⭒⭒⭒⭒⭒ Arc-en-ciel (n.): Rainbow He's the perfect example of a thundercloud. He's rude, grumbly, and frightening to most- ready to harshly rain down on anyone in his way. She's a human sunbeam, at best. She's the kind of person with a sunshine personality that everyone adores- bubbly, nearly always beaming, and looking to spread smiles. Working with your polar opposite might seem like the worst thing that could happen. But around every thundercloud's rain, there comes sunshine. And with the sun and rain, come rainbows. ⭒⭒⭒⭒⭒ Featured in Wattpad Teenfiction's 'Funny Bones' Reading list [no idea how that happened lol] [#1 in Adorable | 1# in Cute | 1# in LoveAtFirstSight } [#1 in BadBoy | 1# in Boyfriend| 1# in Fiction ] [#2 in GoodGirl | #2 in Romance] ©All rights reserved, available only on Wattpad


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(18+) "When you cry I'll kiss away your tears and if you wake up with nightmares I'll fuck them all away." Nimfa has studied every inch of the human heart, failing hearts is what she knows best. She thought she knew everything she possibly needed to know until she was kidnapped by the Irish mob, Laurie Fraser isn't a regular patient. Normally all her patients want her to save them but Laurie wants the complete opposite, he wants to live a miserable, painful life but Nimfa has never been one to give up so easily. Losing his wife changed him and his wicked ways, a women has never caught his attention after that till she stormed inside his life. His every thought is controlled by her, his body, his mind, his tongue. Both being sex deprived and trapped in a house together with no one else in mind things get steamy and desirable. Is this all it is, sex and games? Or is there more to their relationship than just a bed and rope? the irish mob boss & his russian heart surgeon.