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septiplier smuts ( request please)

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ok I don't really ship septiplier so this is for this of you who do ship it. and for you entertainment of course. can have mark x Jack. dark x anti. dark x mark. anti x Jack. dark x Jack. and anti x mark
May be you like?


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I have a verrry dirty mind. And basically I just write what ever smut I think about. And I also take requests..what ever it is, I'll type ittt🌚🌚🌚 It could be a smut on aisle 6 in target I'll write anythinnnnggggg 😏😏 And maybe there'll be a few three somes here and there😍😏😏


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Boi why are you even reading this all the information you need is in the title


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||Smut = ( sex ) fluff= (cute stuff ) if u only want fluff the go to my fluff chapters if u only want smut then go to my smut chapter p.s. don't hide it people Ik ur out there ? || Mark jack anti and dark all live together hate is blocked and yea enjoy~ p.s. my grammar might be bad please if u don't like the story just please move on don't hate ok ENJOY!!!!! Ok one more thing if u have any suggestions please tell me!! I'm not very creative!


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Sean Mcloughlin, your Science teacher is a medium built, Irish; ecstatic guy. He's your favourite teacher, and you're his favourite student. But he's more than a little bit crazy; especially for you.


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Just some random Smuts and sterfff (:


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I ship them! I know they're both straight,but I'm not going to stop. Please, no hate. This is all just good fun. Mostly will be smut shots, but some will have multiple parts. Some will have kinks, kink warnings will be apparent at the beginning of those chapters. Enjoy.


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Jack and mark have been friends for years. After hanging out on a whim, They both realize their relationship is more than they thought it was. Things evolve, especially their connection.


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Welcome! I'm glad you're here! I'm going to take you on an adventure through my head. So brace yourselves for some smut! Also I just want to say a couple of things here. 1) I'm TERRIBLE at keeping a consistent upload rate. I barely post because I literally forget I have stories to write. 2) The second story is Dutch. It was written for a friend of mine who wanted a smut story. 3) You can see my progression through the years of 2015 until now. 4) Requests are always welcome! Enjoy the stories! Xx Bread