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No smut here sorry to disappoint! Just cute!!
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I've done Trans Male Reader (Ftm) oneshots in my other books, but someone suggested that I make a whole book about trans reader, and I thought it was a good idea. These oneshots are mostly gonna deal with dysphoria and are gonna be hurt/comfort heavy.


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WARNING: THIS STORY IS AND WILL BE VERY KINKY AND SEXUAL. WARNING TO ALL THE HATERS: IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T READ IT!! AND FOR YOUR SAKE AND MINE, PLEASE DON'T COMMENT ANY S**T ABOUT IT! ITS JUST A FANDOM FOR PEAT SAKE I KNOW ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! And last but not least as I said in the warning it will be very kinky and sexual but you'll have to read some of it to know if you like it or not. P.s. this is my first time writing something like this so please bear with me, if i get something wrong don't be mad just tell me about it. Thx and enjoy!!😁


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Just some fluffy and some sad one shots. Fluff means cute/adorable couple stuff like pickup lines, noseboops, giggles and cuteness!! --12/8/16: #878 in Fanfiction-- --THIS STORY IS GOING UNDER RENOVATION AND GRAMMAR CHANGES--


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Decided to write some fluffy fluff for all of you "non-sinners" wink wink. anyways enjoy the fluff. EDIT: This story is completed.


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After Jack's old roommate was asked to join an among us lobby, rose started to become another regular to their groups. The only thing that hadn't gone to plan started when corpse just couldnt focus anymore on anything but her. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ This is a ageregressor book No smut!! DNI if you're just gonna bully/dont support this. I will delete comments if necessary and you wont be able to interact with any of my books.


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Sienna Colt has quite the following on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and every social media site you could think of; Though she goes by her alias Rotten Royale, or as her online friends call her, "Rotten". She's a music artist, gamer, and model who got her rise in fame after meeting Jacksepticeye and joining him on a Livestream when she was just eighteen years old. Her outgoing and carefree nature got people's attention; her talent is what made people fall in love. One day she decides to game with a group of YouTubers and Stream it, not knowing it was going to change her life even more.


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very kinky sh*t right here. Warning; contains smut, strong language, graphic images, graphic details Project Started; April 01, 2017


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As a member of the Fatui military, it is extremely important to follow the rules of your superiors. Betraying them would be similar to a death sentence. What would Scaramouche do if there were to be a traitor right in front of him? ••• This is a Scaramouche x Fem!Fatui!Reader fanfic Also this will have Electro Delusion!Scaramouche ⚠️All characters in this fanfic are 18 or older and will be seen as such⚠️ ⚠️ ATTENTION: In the chapters "The Trio of Best Friends", "The Northland Bank", and "The Ten Million Mora Bounty" there are brief mentions of Chilumi (Childe confesses to having feelings for Lumine). If that makes you uncomfortable, please don't read!⚠️ The cover fanart belongs to @Zentouu from Twitter. Thank you for the wonderful art. If you want to listen to music while reading the fanfic, you can go look for the playlists: 🎶 "getting stepped on by Scaramouche" by Kazu on Spotify 🎶 🎶 "Dirty, Little, Traitor [PLAYLIST]" by Kazu on Spotify 🎶 This fanfic's entirety was written by me! I DO NOT OWN GENSHIN IMPACT NOR ITS CHARACTERS Copyright © 2020 miHoYo