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Septiplier/Antiseptiplier One-Shots

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Tons of Antispetiplier and Septiplier smuts! Just a bunch of one-shots that popped into my head late at night. I also take suggestions! There will be mostly bottom!Jack and bottom!Anti and various amounts of fluff and smut, so if you're into that stuff, this is for you!
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Dedicated to @qa123456qa One-shots Idk man this just inside joke shitpost ig,,,,,,, decently written shitpost,,,,,, Man I hate this book I fucking hate it it's against my every uh idk like every belief? Dies Updates: whenever I fucking want BY THE WAY they're humans with ears and shit. Not furries. I do not write furry things jisnifjodkf REQUESTS ARE :)


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Jack and mark have been friends for years. After hanging out on a whim, They both realize their relationship is more than they thought it was. Things evolve, especially their connection.


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||Smut = ( sex ) fluff= (cute stuff ) if u only want fluff the go to my fluff chapters if u only want smut then go to my smut chapter p.s. don't hide it people Ik ur out there ? || Mark jack anti and dark all live together hate is blocked and yea enjoy~ p.s. my grammar might be bad please if u don't like the story just please move on don't hate ok ENJOY!!!!! Ok one more thing if u have any suggestions please tell me!! I'm not very creative!


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Same concept as Book 1. There's about 30 chapters in that one. Like that this is just a collection of 1 chapter 'stories' with a Rated R theme. I try to vary it so hopefully there's something you like in the collection. If there is anything in particular you'd like to read please message me privately (so there's no spoilers for anyone) and we can talk about it, but bear in mind I'll put my own spin on it. Also to comply with Wattpad I've had to 'censor' the chapters. They can still exist as romance one-shots though since they do have plot lines and real characters. If you'd like to read the uncensored version please check out my Inkitt (same username-cherrypop12) and it'll be there. Also if you absolutely do not want to use Inkitt, don't worry, I'll post the uncensored version on here for a few days before censoring it and putting the full version on Inkitt. :) If you're at all temped by this, please give it a shot, I'm sure it's not like many One-Shot books you've read before.


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One shots.gayness. Dont read if you dont like. Hope you enjoy ^-^ ??? Anti(septiceye) is a young demon with a boyfriend called Dark(iplier). They are deeply in love. Bunch of cute momets, one shots. You know the drill ^-^ BEWARE GAY SEX/SMUT AHEAD also fluff but i don't think that needs a warning XD


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Warnings: SMUT SHIT TON OF SWEARING BOYXBOY I will do: Jack X Mark Anti X Dark Jack X Dark Mark X Anti Jack X Anti Mark X Dark