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Secrets ( A Niall Horan Fan Fic)

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Alexia"s parents were both secret agents and were killed when she was nine. After that their secret agency decided to adopt Alexia making her the youngest agent to be trained.Since then Alexia learned by her self that there is no such thing as true love.Time past and after saving the world while girls her age were busy with their nails Alexia has a new mission. Pretend to be Niall Horan's girlfriend because of serious death threat against him. This will be hard. Will She find and realize what true love is? Or will she give up on love once again?
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Two schools. One town. One Football field. Louis is the infuriatingly gorgeous captain of Holmes Chapel high School's football team, The Rogue. He is also viewed as a no good delinquent who Harry is constantly warned to keep away from. Liam is Harrys big brother and is captain of Cheshire Selective's team, White Eskimo. He also happens to be Louis' sworn arch nemesis since day one. What happens when, in a scandalous act of rebellion, Harry finds himself 'Enemies with benefits' with Louis? -- This is a bxb story with extremely small elements of a BDSM relationship. If you feel uncomfortable at any given time please remember the back button is so close. Like, this 👌 close. Stay safe <3 - Bandana Harry x Football Louis. © All Rights Reserved 2019 | @Zialrry


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Harry is the innocent boy who wears flower crowns, he has a huge crush on a badboy. Louis is the popular badboy who rules the school and has too many tattoos, he has a huge crush on an innocent flower child. (This is a kinda (very) cliché Larry Stylinson story) VERY CRINGY Punk!Louis/Badboy!Louis and FlowerChild!Harry


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"IT CAN BE SO LONELY IN THIS CITY, BUT IT FEELS DIFFERENT WHEN YOU'RE WITH ME" ••• Olivia Campbell grew up next to Liam Payne, the two relying on each other as they maneuvered through life together. No matter how far one strayed, they always stayed in touch and were there for one another, whether it be financial help or sexual favours. Simply put - casual friends. When Olivia's side job catches up to her and her future crumbles, she has nothing left to lose and time to kill. In an impulsive decision, she flees to Daytona Beach in search of a distraction, or many. It's only by chance she runs into Liam and his band while they're touring the world. How convenient that her best friend is a rockstar who can get her virtually anything she wants. Sex, drugs, alcohol and money. Except, what she really wants is a blonde-haired boy with commitment issues. ••• *a spin-off of @happydays1d's Duplicity!*


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[I wrote this at the beginning of 2013 and I was just starting to get settled with the techniques in writing. No worries, I've exceedingly improved far after finishing this story.] Niall Horan was a famous boxer. He was only inlove with boxing, nothing else. That is, one night, before his match, Olivia somehow stumbles her way into meeting him. But, not the way she would have wanted to. No one could steal his heart. No one but . . . her.


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Book 2 of the Secrets Series.


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All your favourite Harry Styles Imagines that make you laugh, cry and crave for more. Every chapter is a new relationship with your favourite hottie, Harry Styles


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Chelsi Beckham, a football fanatic, niece to the great football star David Beckham, a football star herself, best friend of Avalon Parker. Requested by none other than Niall Horan and friends to teach him a few football tricks, while her friend fangirls, she couldn't care less who he is. He finds this so refreshing and tries to win her over, but will he? or will her broken hearted past keep her from seeing that falling in love is not a bad thing. Based on the Song Not a Bad thing by Justin Timberlake


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"Everything about her was sweet; her scent, her personality, but most of all; her love." [h.s fanfiction] ©caselovesoned 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Rankings: #1 in fine #1 in direction #3 in styles


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When Jasmine and one of her closest friends, Kim go on vacation, they discover that they are staying in the same hotel as the famous boy band, One Direction. Out of all the girls in the world who are obsessed with Niall, Jasmine is the one who manages to steal the key to his Irish heart. They end up falling for each other, but stumble as they go through problems and challenges. Will they last, or will their relationship fall apart?