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Scooby Doo (Genderswap!Shaggy)

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This is my first time doing a gender swap story and I hope you guys like it.
May be you like?


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Ellie Machine is the daughter of the infamous CEO of Destroido, Ed Machine. With no mother in the picture, she took after her peers- her peers being Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley and Shaggy Rogers with his loyal dog, Scooby Doo. They formed Mystery Incorporated. Despite him being her best friend, Ellie can't help but grow feelings for Shaggy, who is in a relationship with Velma. But, what's a girl to do when there are monsters to unmask, family secrets to uncover, and a curse on Crystal Cove to discover?


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"That dog is always staring at me man, wherever I go I'm telling you, it wants me dead" "Well THAT dog has plenty reason to be staring at you, and her names Finley, not Dog" A story about a bond between a man and his dog... When Rick Grimes falls into a coma, all hell breaks loose... Three months in, while at a camp, the small group they sent out to the city of Atlanta comes back with a familiar face... How will things go? Will all be forgotten, or will everything be just fine? Sorry if I screw this up as well, but I am re-watching Walking Dead while writing this, so I apologise if something isnt correct. I do not own any of the characters from the tv show the walking dead, except for Finley, all credit goes to Robert Kirkman and his crew, and AMC. Have Fun! ยกAchievements! ------------------------- 2k reads (11/06/22) 5k reads (18/06/22) 10k reads (01/07/22) 15k reads (17/07/22) 20k reads (07/08/22) 40k reads (14/12/22) 200 votes (02/07/22) 500 votes (06/08/22) 1k votes (26/11/22) #1 carlgrimes (17/06/22) #1 maggigreene (11/06/22) #2 rickgrimes (06/06/22) #3 judithgrimes (09/06/22) #2 abraham (16/06/22) #1 sasha (13/06/22) #5 michonne (19/06/22) #4 rositaespinosa (23/06/22) #1 amcthewalkingdead (26/12/22) #1 amctwd(13/06/22) #1 CDC (05/06/22) #3 theprison (05/06/22) #1 finley (13/06/22) #1 jesus (08/06/22) #1 glennrhee (08/06/22) #1 tara (26/12/22) #3 andrewlincoln (27/06/22) #1 daryldixon (12/06/22) #1 thewalkingdead (16/06/22) 5 months (29/05/22 ~ ongoing


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Since going blind at 6 years old, Fiona Diggory has lived in the shadow of her twin brother, Cedric. Now entering her 6th year at Hogwarts Fiona finds herself thrown into a new friendship with Fred and George Weasley while trying to determine the meaning behind the strange dreams haunting her sleep. '~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~' "Did your book get dragon pox or somethin'?" "It's words, for people like me," "Hufflepuffs?"


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Yep another scoob story! But this time I'm making my own story. This will be tricky because I don't have a clue what to write but I'll think about it! I do not own any of the character except for my Oc's! Also enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š (it's the beginning maybe.... Prolly? IDK) (ALSO IT WANST TRICKY)


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( the golden trio era ) the one in which the prankster finds his peace in the girl with secrets โShe's the exception. She has and always will be; not because she's the most powerful witch of her age. It's because she is too unique to be like the rest,โž part of the ๐–Š๐–๐–ˆ๐–Š๐–•๐–™๐–Ž๐–”๐–“ universe { fred weasley x female! oc } started: 16th February 2021 published: 23rd March 2021 finished: tbd cover by me


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What if the conjuring and Lucifer had a cross over What if Chloe and Lucifer asked to help Ed and Lorraine warren with the Perron's ??? Come along for the Journey and read to find out what happens