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I started to feel like Schrödinger with my first love, wanting to know things about him- did he still love me? was he well? was he happy?- yet at the same time, feeling frightened of the truth, and deciding to remain in a state of ignorant "bliss".
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"My fate was to be in a fake world, your fate should be in a real world" [COMPLETED] H/N, the psychopath obsessed with his wife Y/N, He doesn't let her hang out with any guys, he controls what she wears and many more.. Y/N, known as H/N's wife, is a woman that loves painting and also loves kids, Y/n was forced to marry h/n, But soon she will find out something that is very out of ordinary What will Y/N do after finding out multiple shocking truths about her husband? do you think will she leave him? ---------------------- Y/N eventually learns, that even the devil can disguise to be an angel. Book Cover by: @flamingcircles


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after drinking something from a "fortune teller" Izuku is transported into the Marvel universe as Tony Stark's conscious. after the events of the MCU Izuku returns to his home universe and shakes things up. a few gender swapped characters. College AU


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Aspen Walsh is Shane's daughter, which means she's had a troubled life. Her mom left when she was a baby, so all she has is an abusive father for family. One day, her dad is on a routine work trip, and his partner, Rick, is shot. Then the world goes to hell. How will Aspen survive? Will she get close to anyone? Maybe even a certain redneck angel? Or will this terrible world pull them apart? highest rankings #1 in daryldixon #1 in science #4 in daryl #4 in thewalkingdead **A/N: I'm writing Daryl in his late 20's/early 30's. Just an FYI.** **A/N: There are mature parts to this story, hence the mature rating. There will not be warnings at the beginning of each chapter, because I feel that ruins the suspense a bit. Read at your own discretion.** **DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters except for the ones I created. All other characters belong to AMC and the creators of The Walking Dead. Also, this story will not follow the exact storyline of the TV show, so some things will be changed**


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This short story outlines the roots of phobias and anxiety and how Ian was able to overcome some of his challenges... This is Ian, and i have philophobia; in addition to, critical anxiety causing a drastic impact on the quality of my life. For those who don't know what philophobia is, it's the fear of love, more specifically, being scared to love an imperfect person perfectly... Remain updated


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‪BOHEMIA 🌷🌼‬ ‪An abstraction of creativity. ‬ ‪Deeply rooted in the harrowing aspects of the human condition, my twelfth poetry collection, 'BOHEMIA' is a darker yet stark, poetic exploration of nature versus nurture through a poetry collection rife in love, loneliness, trauma and grief. ‬ Bohemia is a landscape; be it physical or emotional. Bohemia is a world where love goes to die only to be born again on Earth. Bohemia is a cityscape where sadness crystallises and transforms into a kind of happiness; to shed light back on Earth. There is a sense of hope rooted in the soils of Bohemia. It's up to you to find it. 🌺⛅️


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Thalia Eden was a normal teenager. Yes, was, because after one night she finds herself with a set of strange powers. On top of that, Avengers have set out to find her and have traveled through realities to bring her with them to defeat HYDRA. She soon realizes that Peter Parker, the annoying spiderling and her have much more in common than she ever thought. I DO NOT OWN AVENGERS OR MCU. THE ONLY CHARACTERS I CLAIM ARE THALIA AND EMMA.


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Enter society where intelligence determines social class, a single placement test determining your social standing forever. Every child at the age of ten takes the test, their score range determining their jobs and careers for the rest of their lives. On average, only one child per age group scores the maximum score, reaching the highest social class, Tech. They are considered prodigies, chosen specifically while the others are killed off. When Albus and Cecelia, two twin orphans are both admitted into the Tech class, the entire world stirs at this irregularity. The Dictator himself, the ruler of the world, seems unfazed by this, almost as if he knew. The two dig their way into history to find out how all of this really started, learning parts of a past that will almost haunt them forever. -- A collaboration between @BowlOfPorridge and @swimming books -- Highest Achievement: #382 Science Fiction- September 3rd, 2016


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Tori lead a normal life, had a normal dream, and a normal friend, until she was sucked up in the world of physics and quantum mechanics that she never knew existed. With the help of her friends Nathan, Avana, Velcro, Mr. Silk, Einstein, and more, the group tries to defeat the Quantum Alterers, and Lord Proton along with it.


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BEING A SLUT IS NOT A CRIME, IT'S JUST A CHOICE. "Wag kang manghusga kung di mo naman kilala" -JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! BITCH!!! 😊😊😊


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"He never knew that a certain blue oceanic orbs will captivate his whole existence and make him feel the taste of love"