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; Various Kakegurui Girls x Female Reader

❝A world made for the two of us.❞

each Kakegurui girl gets their own headcanon on what it's like to date them


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Takes place after Volume 10. Tsukishiro successfully expelled Kiyotaka with the help of Sakayanagi Arisu on the special exam, "Class Poll". Thinking that it's time for him to go back to his father's grasp, Kiyotaka surrendered to his fate. But, he didn't knew that his father have another plans for him. Considering his calculative mind and cunning personality, he enrolled him to Hyakkaou Private Academy- a school known for it's cunning students, and most of all... Gambling I do not own Classroom of the elite & Kakegurui Credits to the author and illustrator of COTE Shogou Kinugasa & Tomose Shunsaku. Also to the Mangaka of Kakegurui Kawamoto Homura & Naomura Tooru


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In a very famous casino here in japan, a monster lies within. He'd get invitations to gamble and he'd always say yes, see.. he had a drive for money.. but an even bigger one for gambling.. He met a group who caught his eyes, and wanted to play with them so badly! But he was getting kind of turned off because of all the loosers who said that they'll defeat them but it was only a bark of a dog that didnt know How to bite. His friends knew about the group and they were very familiar with them but it was not in a good way, "Tch! They really want to take our michi now? I f*cking hate those [email protected]" "Dont worry, all we have to do is play a game with them~" ~~~~~~~ I did another Takemichi harem😅 Cover picture isn't mine, just did a few editing here and there\('∀`; ) Hope you enjoy this new book of mine(≧∀≦)


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Having this cruel life.. But i will love You no matter what happens... Find out what happens In the story. I don't own Jujutsu Kaisen And credits to the arts I was inspired about music And conductors and the Anime named Takt Top destiny like the anime was Amazing so correct me For wrong grammars and Spelling please


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Izuku yagi was known as quirkless but he was fine with it but he was neglected by his family and his sister and her friends but he was good at playing cards izuku practice how to play cards in order to make money izuku gambled any money that he can find and use it to gamble with throughout his life izuku was still bullied but he didn't care he was leaving to go to a school called Kyouka academy


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[The previous tittle was too common so I changed it😅] Summary: While heading to Henituse Territory, Somehow Choi Han (the original) found himself transported to a large room (with a bunch of new faces surrounding him) by a self proclaimed God. And for some reason they find themselves reacting to a certain Red-Haired commander?! *** *May contain spoiler to those who only read the manhwa(and those people who still didn't finish the novel) *Some Character may be a bit OOC (out of character) *The Story/characters are definitely not mine *the cover picture, images and videos that will show up are not belong to me *Made by a beginner writer so you may encounter some grammatical errors and typos


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*PS - haven't updated in a long time and don't plan to :| ^ constructive criticism greatly encouraged^ Evanna Whitlock is the youngest child of the family that owns the biggest corporation in the world .She was born with riches but never cared for someone else's money,so she made her own. She is known for having a vary high IQ in the real world but in the business world she is known as E.V a business genus making millions a day making business deals and gambling. Read this story of a millionaire daughter hiding in a crazy billionaire family.


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A daughter is someone that should be treasured the most. Daughters are the cause of sleepless nights for their father. Every Father is the superhero in their daughter's eyes. A father is her oracle who taught them their values, importance, and moralities. He taught them how uncommonly beautiful and precious they are in their Father's eyes. But for these twin sisters, the whole father figure's definition is different and very opposite of what Father us described as. Even though their Father loves his daughters very dearly but his daughters hate him with all their might because of something horrible he did to them. ___________________________ Ilyeong and Sunyeong are the twin daughters of a Gambler. These Sisters struggle with their lives to feed themselves and their sick father. To run the daily necessities, Sunyeong and Ilyeong works as a teacher in a school. But apparently, wherever they go outside they are under the watch of their owners. ____________________________ Sunyeong: "Hello, my dear uncle. I bring you some money so you can feed yourself and my darling soon-to-be wife." A man named Jeon Jungkook threw a bundle of cash on my father's bed while staring in my direction with an evil perverted smirk through the kitchen window where I was standing there to make dinner at the same time glaring him back from the window while whirling the spoon in the batter. _____________________________ Ilyeong: "I can even kill your father honey if you don't submit yourself to me right here." Kim Taehyung threatened me as I glare at him fiercely not submitting to him. "I will kill myself Taehyung if you don't let me go." I threatened him back as I put a gun on my forehead. "You know you can't kill yourself, sweetheart. And you know the reason very well too." He let out a chuckle before he said that in a very deep husky voice with an intimidating and furious expression plastered on his face


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"Hey watch where you're goin! Now you've got water all over my shirt!" "It's just water-",, (fixed the ending cuz im tired of crying over nothing lmao)