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βŒ—001: just some oneshots for the simps πŸ‘€ ➷ [REQ: closed] ꒰❀️; genshin x reader oneshots κ’°πŸ·; they/them ..βƒ—. gender neutral reader κ’°πŸ‘Ή; 爱 β”Š aΓ­ β”Šlove β€Ή3 \_( ˘ ³˘)_/ β™₯︎ tysm for 700k my simps!! ~ kazu fanart: @_meshigaumai (twt)

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Cover credit: @juicytiti ❀ In the streets of Harlem shit ain't always sweet. Too much shit goes down but everyone has their own hustle to make shit happen. Now for Brandon Perkins, known as East Sav he definitely had a certain hustle to himself. He was the biggest drug dealer coming out of East Harlem and nobody can step in his way when it comes to getting to that money. With struggling all his childhood, watching his mom struggle to make things work out for them he went to the streets. He lost some niggas along the way. His first girl he fell in love with played him and set him up. The only good outcome from the drama is he gets a lil girl, that he falls in love with instantly. After all the shit he's been through he's done with females and only focused on his child, his momma and his money. Now that is til he meets Camilla Taylor. Now Camilla Taylor is a young hustler from East Harlem. Part time college student, bartender and hair stylist. Yes it's a lot but it's all for one reason, to take care of her younger brothers and sister. They had a rough upbringing and Mill couldn't continue to take seeing them being separated one last time. With mother passing due to cancer and dad being on drugs, in and out of their lives Mill stepped in and to play a major role for them. After going through and witnessing horrific events in her life and having to grow up so early it's hard for her to trust anyone except her lil family, and her childhood friend. When these lives, not too different from each other cross paths will it be for the better or the worse? Check out my story Love Galore and you'll see! Appreciate it !!


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just a bunch of sarah paulson one shots request are open ❀ Smut and fluff 😌 I'll say at the beginning of every story if it will be smut fluff or both and some warnings in case needed πŸ–€ ( I dont own any of the characters except reader ofc but yeah just that πŸ’–)


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MATURE CONTENT (I put warning before the starting of each fic) Ima write different one shots with your fav JJK men (mainly for gojo and getou) and I will include smut along with some head canons. it's kind of a self indulgent thing... so don't take any fic requests and I won't write an eighteen plus fic for a minor jjk character. Hope yall will like this β™‘


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Music based oneshots featuring Sarah Paulson characters...which I own no rights all...nothing.


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just a lot of my favorite sarah character one shots. majority smut. recommendations are welcome!!


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Mature Content x Regular Content What is it you desire, crave even? Have you ever had a scene, a POV, or a fantasy you envisioned? A man whisking you away or finding out about a betrayal, well this is the book for you. This book will have short stories on instances of all kinds and many are picked by you. Plots and character development inside! So add and read and maybe the fantasy you dream about will be here. (18+)


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This is basically a One-Shot smut collection of Sarah Paulson's characters x reader (Mostly AHS). I write down what comes to my mind, but I am open for suggestions. Please keep in mind that english is not my native language and if you find some mistakes feel free to tell me. My writing style is rather long and I try to keep it short, but I sometimes like the details. This contains mature content I look forward to your comments and messages. Please enjoy.