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Read story Safer Shores(Human Lapidot)

Author: SomePersonInSpace

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 18-06-2020

Status: Full

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The story of our two favorite gems finding comfort and desire within each other's arms!
Peridot, along with many others, is traveling across the country to move into a safer home than the city she once lived in. Her and Jasper arrive in Beach City, separating and trying to start anew. Trying to find their place.
Lapis later travels across country, and coincidentally ends up in Beach City. Unlike most travellers, however, she hasn't any money for a home. Yet walking along the boardwalk with her newfound friend Steven leads her into the life of others who abandoned everything they've known, like Peridot.
Here is where the two of them begin their life in Beach City.
Here is where they find safety, serenity, and love.

This is a human version of Steven Universe. I'd have a picture of Peridot and Lapis, but I didn't want to use any already made, for sake of keeping to my own version of the characters and not 'stealing' anything from Dement09, a person famous for their 'So Far' Lapidot comics. You should check them out by the way! Here's a link just in case.

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